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Source: GUCCI / Ari Marcopoulos / GUCCI / Ari Marcopoulos

Even though they plan to make good on their ill-fated turtleneck Gucci is on the defense. They have provided their stores specific instructions on how to handle any issues.

TMZ is reporting that the Italian brand has issued their retail staff a guidebook on how to deal with “disruptive behavior.” Their updated security protocol details examples including filming, attempting to conduct a video prank, protesting, shouting, knocking over merchandise, playing loud music and or using hostile language. “Individuals may be coming into our stores to express their concerns or looking for a reaction, and it is important to be extremely cautious, empathetic and focused on de-escalation in the current heightened situation.”

The document also instructs the steps their workforce should take to resolve any issues on site. “Your safety is most important. Be sure to alert team members, SM and LP immediately if your safety is of concern and follow security protocols, calling 911 if needed. ALWAYS FOCUS ON DE-ESCALATION. NEVER ENGAGE IN A VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ALTERCATION WITH A CLIENT.” They also provide scripts on what their associates should exactly say if confronted.

Recently CEO Marco Bizzarri met with Dapper Dan and other members of the community in Harlem. The luxury goods company has committed to changing the culture at their corporate offices including adding five more designers of color to avoid any further moments of cultural insensitivity.

You can view Gucci’s playbook here.

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