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Power Season 5 Episode 2

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Tonight’s episode of Power is a doozy. But hold that thought because…wow. We pick up from where we left off with Ghost claiming he’s going to go down for his family but Angie reminds him that Ghost ain’t about to turn himself in because no matter what, all roads will lead back to Tasha, Angie and Tariq. Ghost then gets the bright idea to frame Dre because, in his mind, Tariq is in this trouble because of Dre. Ghost leaves, then Tasha tells Angela that Kanan is actually the one they should frame. Plus, we all know that if Ghost turns himself in then this would only make authorities more suspicious since he already has a target on his back.

The feds are still trying to find some solid evidence against James, but Donovan informs them he can’t find any surveillance from what Teresi mentioned about Ghost’s little prison massacre. That’s still not going to stop their investigation though. They’re going to try to find something if it’s the last thing they do. Later on, Tommy reminds Ghost that they can’t take him out yet because they need Dre to get to Alicia Jimenez first.

Proctor got his license back but the feds still won’t let him live. Mak and Saxe are pressing him for any info they can use on James. They ask him for info on the prison guard death and in this case, he really doesn’t know anything about that. Proctor plays hardball but then they claim they have a witness to the murder (Teresi). Then they threaten to charge him as a conspirator if he doesn’t give them the goods. That leaves Proctor looking like…


Meanwhile, Tariq has been working with Kanan and selling drugs at him school but this relationship is doomed. Eventually, Angela and Tasha summon Tariq because Angela needs info on Ray Ray that could be helpful in figuring out this situation. Tariq makes it clear that he doesn’t trust Angela, but he gives up the goods anyway, including how Kanan introduced him to Jukebox and we all know how that ended. Tariq gets tired of the questioning, after a while, and figures out that Tasha is trying to frame Kanan again. He goes on this angsty rant about how Tasha is working with the woman who ruined their lives then calls Tasha a backstabber. Tasha cuts to the chase: either she could go to jail for killing Ray Ray or Kanan. Tariq tells her to find another way.


By now we’ve learned that Keisha got served so testify before a grand jury over the Ray Ray case. She is pissed because she never thought it would come to that and she doesn’t want to put her freedom on the line. She’s also tired of Tasha being a selfish friend who is always using her for criminal activity, you know, money laundering through her shop, etc. All this and Tasha hasn’t even seen her son in a while. Tasha begs Keisha to lie for her and says if she doesn’t then she’ll be sending Tasha and Tommy to jail.


Now we’re back to Tariq rolling with Kanan. They finally have the conversation about Kanan killing his own son. Tariq is disgusted. Kanan says he didn’t take a DNA test anyway and that he loved Sean, but Sean was weak and disloyal and that Tariq is more his son than Sean ever was. Tariq wants to know how he could kill someone he loves. Kanan says, “Sometimes you’re not a real killer until you do.” Kanan, you are a psychopath. Never change.

Proctor links up with his criminal cousin with the laptop. THE LAPTOP. Obviously, his cousin tells him to get rid of it because it could implicate him in the murder of that homeland security agent. Proctor says he’s holding on to it as insurance. There’s a recording on there that can put Tommy and Ghost away for life. He’d have to burn himself in the process but he could get immunity for doing it and he’d probably have to go to witness protection. But, the one thing Proctor loves more than anything is his daughter. That’s all he wants in this world. Plus, e says he’s tired of being strong-armed by Tommy and Ghost. He likes them, but he didn’t even want to work with them they kind of forced him into it given his wife situation and he doesn’t think they’d be loyal to him. into working for them and he’s tired of being harassed by the feds too. Basically, it’s survival time.

Now, back to Tariq and Kanan. They’re in Kanan’s car and Tariq is about to make a drop for Kanan, but then the fuzz pull up on them asking for license and registration and that whole spiel. This situation escalates to the two of them being asked to step out of the car. Turns out, they searched the trunk and find a gun, you guessed it, it’s Tasha’s gun. Of course, Kanan doesn’t know how that got there!


Police reveal that Tasha reported Tariq missing and Kanan fits the kidnapping suspect. This technically isn’t a lie since Kanan actually once did kidnap Tariq, but whatevs. Anyway, they ask Tariq if he’s being held against his will and Tariq says yes so police take him.

Kanan is looking like, this BS again?


Hold that thought because at the same time, we see Ghost and Tasha arguing back and forth because Ghost finds out what Tasha did and he’s livid because she put Tariq’s life in danger because we all know Kanan isn’t going down without a fight (Tasha naively thinks Tariq will be okay because he’s with police smh).

Newsflash: Kanan is a savage How savage is he? Kanan is so savage that he starts a shootout with all the police as Tariq, who is locked in the back of a police car, watches helplessly. Y’all, this is at least four or more officers Kanan is battling and he got the drop on the first one as he was being placed in handcuffs.


Kanan takes all of the cops out, but not before getting shot a couple of times himself. Now, we’re thinking that Kanan’s 10th life is about to kick into effect because, in lieu of murdering Tariq, he just gives him a disappointed look, hobbles to his car and drives away. That’s when we see him spitting up blood at the steering wheel. The care loses speed, gets stopped by a fence and then we see Kanan’s lifeless body lying against the steering wheel.

Detectives bring Tariq to the police station to be reunited with his parents and they all face a line of questioning in the Ray Ray case, including Keisha, who ends up corroborating their lie that Kanan stole Tasha’s gun and killed Ray Ray out of loyalty since he’s a friend of the St. Patrick Family. Tariq lays in on really thick with his story about how Ray Ray knew that he knew that he was stealing from his friends and that he was scared and didn’t know what to do. He even puts on the waterworks and apologizes for not saying anything. The police buy the story. Checkmate.

Then we cut to Dre at his club. Diego’s severed head is in a freezer and cops are all over the place like roaches when the lights go out.

We get back to Proctor, who tells the feds that he doesn’t have anything to give them on James but if anyone is helping Ghost out then it’s Angela Valdez.

The episode wraps with Tommy and Ghost at the morgue viewing Kanan’s body. Tommy tells Ghost that Kanan said he would do this. Tommy wants to know how many more of his people he plans on killing. Ghost reveals that this Tasha and Tariq’s plan but Tommy doesn’t believe it. “This ain’t what family does,” Tommy adds. The seeds of distrust are flourishing.

But the line of the night is when Tommy summons all he can from his Queens D-boy soul and says, “[Insert New York Accent Here] Rest in peace you tough bastid.” Yes, that’s “bastid.”


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