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Tonight’s episode of Power can only be summed up in one word: Lordt. That’s pretty much the sentiment every week but this week, things are getting really real. For real, for real. We start the episode with Jamie on this whole Be a Better Man Tour (insert tiny violin here). He’s at Angela’s house lamenting the condition of his life and he apologizes for lying to her. He seems to think he’s going to get some but Angela shows him the couch, so they haven’t been getting it on again after all.

The next morning, Angela begins to tell Jamie that she hasn’t been completely honest but Tasha stops by and interrupts their flow. Tasha is surprised to see Jamie there but gets to business about how NYPD came by and said they’re getting close to finding Raina’s killer. Ghost is surprised that Angela knows what’s up and that Tasha and Angela have been working together on this. Angela explains that she’s on their side and wants to try to help keep Tariq out of jail. Tasha says she didn’t want to tell Jamie because she doesn’t trust him not to make it worse.

She’s got a point.


Blanca stops by the feds and explains that she’s still heading up the investigation and that they found the bullet that traces back to Tahsa’ gun, but the feds’ office had the investigation shut down and the ballistics report mysteriously went missing. NYPD couldn’t trace the bullet but they’re still on the case. You already know what it is. Angela might go down for obstructing justice. But in the meantime, they have to prepare to keep up this farce. Tasha will be questioned by the NYPD soon so they get her prepared for the big day.

Alicia Jimenez tells Dre that war isn’t good for business and that he better find someone to hold responsible for setting this catastrophe off because Diego thinks Dre set him up. Obviously not good.

Ghost runs to Proctor to explain the ballistics situation and Proctors is just looking like…


Tommy is still gallivanting with Teresi, who rolls with him to put a tracker on Dre’s car. Tommy is doing this job for Angela, who offered him immunity. Hopefully, that deal holds up when her colleagues catch up with her.



Anyway, Councilman Tate questions Dre about how he knows James. Dre sugar coats it but Tate says James told him he used to sell drugs. Tate knows what kind of men these are. We don’t know what Tate’s backstory is yet, but he’s probably of a similar ilk. Then James comes through and Tate mentions that the IRS is auditing all their donors. It’s standard procedure but Tate wants to know if there’s anything he should worry about on James’ part. James assures Tate that he is confident that there will be no surprises and then gets a moment alone with Dre. Ghost attempts to call a truce because “they can accomplish more together than working against each other.” Dre doesn’t trust him but James offers to get his job back and make the non-compete go away as a gesture of good faith. Looks like Dre might be around for a while.

Later on, they find each other again and James asks Dre for a favor. James wants Dre to take out Jason, Tommy’s connect. Dre says he’ll do it if Ghost takes out Diego Jimenez. Ghost agrees.


Mak goes snooping around Proctor’s ex-wife. She’s in a fragile state being that this is her billionth time in rehab and she wants custody of her child. Mak takes advantage of this and claims he can help her get custody. He just wants to know if Proctor still associates with criminals but hold that thought.

Teresi is at Tommy’s house playing pool, then Ghost comes in and it gets awkward. Teresi ends up leaving sensing the tension, but the point of this visit is for James to tell Tommy that he’s done with the illegal activity and even apologizes. Tommy is obviously not happy, especially because Jason is going to be pissed. But how many times has Ghost tried to leave the game then got sucked right back in? Anyway, later on, we see Mak and Saxe trying to shake down Teresi for information and Teresi tells them to cool their jets until he gets them the big fish. That would be Tommy and Ghost.


James finds his way to Tasha as part of his apology tour and apologizes for not protecting her and the family and becoming someone she needed protection from. Tasha is skeptical and Ghost acknowledges that he knows it’s going to take a while for her to forgive him. He also wants to know how she knew she could trust Angela. Tasha says it’s because Angela still loves him.

Back to Proctor. We find him in a restaurant with his cousin, Benny. Proctor is stressing over his family drama and the drama with Ghost and Tommy. The good news is that the feds didn’t find anything at his place during their raid. Benny says that if he doesn’t get reinstated then he should join the family business. Proctor refuses to go that route, but at least we get a better idea of where Proctor comes from. But his problems get worse when Mak shows up and catches him with one of the criminals he said he doesn’t talk to anymore. Proctor’s ex-snitched. That’s perjury and he has 48 hours to tell Mak something juicy or that’s his arse.

Teresi then comes to Tommy’s place with some goodies. It’s ramen noodle packages, also known as how they’re going to smuggle contraband into the bing. Tommy is with it. He can’t be this dumb right? Nevermind, he did impulsively kill a homeland security agent so who knows.


Tasha is at her hearing with the NYPD and Mak, Tamika and Saxe are watching behind the one-sided glass. Blanca questions her, which throws her off because she had never met Blanca and was expecting Blanca’s partner. However, she did run through potential questions with Angela. Tasha waived a lawyer as a way to make her seem innocent but Blanca is good. So is Tasha. Tasha’s story is that she put the gun in a box and put it away. This was when people were in and out of her house due to Raina’s passing and then she discovered it missing. Blanca says that if someone can’t corroborate where she put the box then her testimony means nothing. Tasha blurts out that Terry Silver can back her up, and now he’s MVW–Most Valuable Witness.


In the end, Blanca reveals that they think Ray Ray killed Raina but don’t know why. They also believe that James killed Ray Ray for revenge and that Angela and James are conspiring to pin it on Tasha since they want her out of the way due to their affair. Blanca offers Tasha immunity to rat them out and Tasha remains firm in her stance, which is actually the truth–James didn’t kill Ray Ray.

Does she really think Silver will lie for her? Do you really think that Silver will lie for her?


Tasha finds Angela and James waiting for her at home and tells them what’s up. Obviously not good. She accuses Angela of lying about the bullet being pulled from the wall, but Angela didn’t know initially and then when she found out she never imagined that the bullet would be from her gun. Tasha mentions the immunity deal and that’s when she realizes that this is more about taking Angela down. Angela asks why she didn’t she just take the deal if that’s the case and Tasha replies that it’s because taking the deal won’t protect Tariq. Tasha says she has a plan to get Silver to lie for her. James is like, “Silver?”

Literally looking like…


And that’s when Tasha drops the bomb that Terry Silver loves her.

“He loves me more than you ever have.”

James is surprisingly looking a little shocked and hurt about this.

Meanwhile, Tariq is still being dumb. He has been rolling with Kanan again. Kanan picks him up at school to gallivant doing criminal hoodrat ish (including, Kanan robbing and beating up some rich white guy) and Tariq even admits that he killed Ray Ray. Kanan says he did the right thing so now Tariq is gassed up to do even more dumb stuff.


Dre finds Arturo, a Taino, and frames him as the person who sold them to out the feds. Alicia watches as Dre holds him at gunpoint and gets him to give them more information about how Diego knows that Alicia planted to gun that got them arrest and that she’s the one who set Diego up. That situation doesn’t end well for Arturo. He gets burned alive.

Dre tells Alicia he has a solution. Diego is going to take revenge against her unless he can’t (you know what that means), but someone is already planning to kill him. She can stop it if she wants or they can let it unfold. Alicia wants to see how it plays out.


Back at school, we find Tariq selling some prescription pills to his roommate. We don’t know that the pills are, but it’s probably Xanax given that these are anxious times. The roommate said his sister takes them all the time and wanted some for himself. Tariq sells him the entire bottle and tells him to let him know if he needs more. Then he texts Kanan that there’s a market at school for pills, just like Kanan said.


Tamika tells Saxe that she’s pulling the plug on St. Patrick but then Mak then comes in with paperwork saying there’s something shady going on with Councilman Tate. Saxe prepares to examine the paperwork but then gets ahold of another document (earlier we see him asking the file clerk for a favor) that just so happens to show that the NYPD ballistics report matches the gun that belongs to Tasha and they realize that Angela buried the case. Now they think Angela is part of the St. Patrick/Egan criminal syndicate.

That’s not true, but it kind of is, especially now.


And next week, James tries to force Terry Silver to lie for Tasha, or else. But Terry ain’t scared. He might be checking for that what else since James wants to try him.


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