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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is mainly about the rumor that Lyrica and Safaree had some kind of flirtation going on. Speaking of Lyrica, we start the episode with her performing her new single, “Rent.” Brooke Valentine and Princess come through to support her. Brooke mentions that she’s engaged to Marcus Black but he doesn’t know that yet. Um, yes, you read that correctly. The real deal is, things are complicated in their relationship but according to Brooke, Marcus pulled a ring out while they were on a beach somewhere and she took it, as it snatched it from him. He didn’t propose but according to Brooke, they’re getting married. Mmmkay.


Princess mentions that she and Ray J are still having issues, but they need to get it together swiftly since their gender reveal party is coming up. That’s going to be interesting, especially since Brandy and Sonja Norwood want smoke with Princess on behalf of Ray J since she aired their dirty laundry out online. Lyrica mentions the drama with K. Michelle “Kimberly,” with an emphasis on the Safaree rumor. Lyrica is adamant that nothing happened. However, Brooke, in her confessional, says that she was at some showcase with the two of them and that Safaree was flirting with Lyrica hardcore, and that Lyrica was giving it right back.

Perhaps she’s curious about the infamous anaconda?


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

A1 is in the studio with Marcus. Marcus explains that Brooke took the ring from him, but she also told him to go sew his royal oats, so he did. He has been entertaining options and one of those options is getting serious.


A1 explains the K Michelle and Safaree drama to Marcus and Marcus says that Brooke told him that she saw Lyrica and Safaree flirting with each other.

Fast forward a bit, A1 confronts Lyrica and at first she gives the, “He’s my homie, he’s cool with both of us” spiel. But A1 is skeptical due to the word on the word on the street, and he shows her a group text message that he got from K Michelle that allegedly corroborates the flirting Lyrica gets pissed, and does what every (allegedly) guilty party on this franchise does, she blows up, goes off, makes a dramatic scene and storms out. Lyrica’s story is that K. Michelle is the one who tried to sleep with him and that she’s just bringing drama into their relationship. Then A1 drops the bombshell about what Brooke told Marcus. Lyrica’s rage will now also be directed at brook. She decides to stay with her mother since A1 doesn’t seem to believe her.

Donatella (Not Versace) has a party, and this sets the stage for where Brooke and Marcus bump into each other. It gets super awkward because Marcus is actually there waiting to meet someone else. Her name is Stassia, and Marcus tells Brooke that this is his girlfriend.


Brooke is pissed and fake blindsided but at the same time it seems like Marcus was lying to Stassia too. Surprise, a man on Love and Hip-Hop two timing!


Or is it actually two timing?

Brooke did tell him to “Sew his royal oats” so that’s what he did, but he just happened to get a girlfriend in the process.


Then Stassia is pissed off because she sees him touching Brooke’s butt while trying to talk to her and because he’s trying to downplay the fac that he has still been messing with Brooke too. Then Brooke tells Stassia that if she plays her cards right she can get a ring like the one she stole has.


Stassia seems like she might actually be classy so she doesn’t throw hands or even get roudy, and Marcus leaves with her before Brooke can act even more of a ratchet fool.

Now we’re at Princess and Ray J’s gender reveal. They pretend all is all well long enough to reveal that it’s a girl, which we’ve long known by now thanks to #TheBlogs. Then Ray and Princess talk to Brandy and Mama Norwood. Ray has the nerve to tell them that Princess has agreed to make a public apology, which she hasn’t and so, it goes down. They all get a little heated, but then Mama Norwood tells her she’ll deal with her after the baby is born because she wants her to stay stress free. Meanwhile, Princess believes she’s the one who deserves an apology. She starts crying and says that they can see the baby when she arrives but she’s done with the family. Yeah, whatever, been there done that. She knew what she married into.

After that drama calms down, Lyrica shows up and confronts Brooke, because a gender reveal party is the perfect place to do this. Lyrica’s narrative, once again, is that “These wannabe married chicks are trying to sabotage her marriage.”


Lyrica demands to know why Brooke would “repeat something that isn’t real.” Brooke maintains that Lyrica is trying to cover her arse, then she starts taunting Lyrica by saying that maybe she feels some type of way because she actually did sleep with safaree. That almost escalates to fisticuffs, but the trusty security steps in and shuts them down.

The episode concludes with A1 confronting Safaree in a parking lot. Safaree’s response to whether he did or didn’t is, “It is what it is…b—hes like me and your wife likes me too.” And this ends with A1 lunging at Safaree, but we fade to black because…cliffhanger.

See you next week.


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