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The Lonely Bride

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Out of all the things that can go wrong at a wedding, being abandoned by your partner probably tops the list.

According to Metro, one woman from Thailand had to deal with this situation and it was all recorded on video.

Manow Jutathip Nimnual spent weeks planning out her wedding to Phakin Junjerm and she even spent money to advertise their big day on a billboard.

Oh, and she also made sure the event was live streamed on Facebook.


But in spite of all of this, unfortunately, her fiancé did not meet her at the aisle.

On the day of her wedding, Manow took to the stage, dressed in her gown and everything, and she apologized to the crowd. She explained her day did not go as planned and her groom had left her.

Manow’s clip went viral on Facebook with over 5 million views. Many folks commented with support and wished Manow the best in light of her tragic outcome. You can peep the video she posted for yourself below.


There’s speculation that Manow’s groom had a secret lover and that’s why he didn’t show up on the wedding day.

Manow is not letting him get away with standing her up though. She filed a police complaint, seeking compensation for booking and planning the wedding.

I ain’t mad.

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