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Torch march of white nationalists

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Summertime can evoke mixed feelings for a lot of people.

On one hand, you can enjoy time outside and all the other activities that come with it. On the other hand, you have to deal with annoying bugs that keep coming back no matter how many times you try to swat them away.

With that being said, the “Unite the Right” rally plans on making a comeback this summer and this time, they’re aiming for the nation’s capital.

You remember the Unite the Right rally right?

The one where a bunch of White supremacists marched through The University of Virginia with tiki torches. The one where violence broke out between far right protesters and counter-protesters. The one where a self-described neo-Nazi drove his car through a crowd of counter-protestors injuring 19 people and killing one.

Yea, they’re trying to plan that again in Washington D.C.


And guess what?

According to NPR, The National Park Service approved their initial request to hold the rally!


It is scheduled to take place a year after the one in 2017 on August 11 and 12.

Oh, and it’s supposed to take place across from the White House, so Donald can get a clear view of some of his supporters.


One of the organizers of the 2017 rally, Jason Kessler, put in the application for the D.C. rally where he estimates as many as 400 people will attend. He said the purpose of the event was for, “Protesting civil rights abuse in Charlottesville Va / white civil rights rally.”


The park service is now collecting more info to issue an actual permit, which will “specify the timing, boundaries, sound regulations and liability rules for the event.” National Park Service spokesperson Mike Litterst said “public safety and the protection of park resources are taken into consideration,” but the agency does not “consider the content of the message presented.”


Kessler also applied to have a rally in Charlottesville on August 12, but the city was like “nah” and they denied him.

Now he’s trying to sue the city. If he wins his case, Kessler said he will have rallies in both D.C. and Charlottesville.


So yea.

Happy summer.

The bugs are still out here.

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