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Kanye West

Source: Paul Natkin / Getty

Ladies, gentlemen…people across the globe, we have reached a very special moment in history…or so I hope.

Kanye West, a.k.a. the next Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Picasso, is chucking the deuces up to his ego.

That’s right, the thing that has gotten Kanye into trouble more times than once has finally hit six feet under.

Hours before Kanye’s big announcement, he posted about his wife’s involvement in freeing 63-year-old Alice Johnson from prison.

Then, Kanye went into a Twitter thread about eliminating pride…

And then came the big reveal…

And big shocker…this is something new for Ye…

Finally, Ye ended by saying his need to help people affects his actions…

So there you have it.

Could we be on the horizon of a new Ye?

We already know how random and fickle he can be. And now that it’s known he has bipolar disorder, I wonder if that will affect his future sentiments.

Per usual, only time will tell and Kanye will continue to keep us guessing.

Until then, I’ll happily attend that ego funeral.


Let’s just hope the only resurrection Kanye believes in is Jesus Christ.


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