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Just when you thought Tiffany Haddish was going to keep her mouth shut on who bit Beyoncé at a party, the Girls Trip comedian went ahead and spilled all the tea.

In a recent talk with The Hollywood ReporterTiffany asked the interviewer if they knew who bit Beyoncé back in December. The interviewer whispered Sanaa Lathan in Tiffany’s ear and she responded, “I’m super good friends with her stepmom and her dad [Stan, a producer-director], and they were mad at me…they were like, ‘Why would you do this to the family?”

So apparently, it really was Sanaa, who was already a suspect back in March when news broke that someone sunk their teeth into Queen Bey.

Despite Tiffany’s confirmation, some of the Global Grind staff still wasn’t convinced. Peep our conversation below and find out who’s believing the hype and who’s staying woke!

rdunmore13: The mystery has been solved!

anthonykiyonna: Lol, I’m not believing it was Sanaa! She’s been around too long to do something so foolish. Now, Tiffany on the other hand…


sukiiYea, Tiffany is obsessed with Beyoncé, maybe she’s trying to throw us off her scent lol

rdunmore13: Didn’t Sanaa say if she did it, it was a “friendly bite.”….what constitutes a “friendly bite?”

sukii: Sanaa said “under no circumstances” did she bite Beyoncé lmao, but if she did, it would’ve been a “love bite.” I believe her. I do not believe Tiffany.

rdunmore13: Like “ha ha I bit you out of love!”

anthonykiyonna: But what’s really considered a “bite” though.


xilla: Im telling y’all it was Lena Dunham. She is the one who bit Beyoncé.

sukii: LMAO or KeKe Palmer @xilla

rdunmore13: Why Lena though?

xilla: Privilege. That’s how it works.

anthonykiyonna: Lol you don’t think any of these Black actresses would’ve told on Lena a long time ago? Just to clear their name. I would lol

rdunmore13: Lollll….I think Keke Palmer would have spilled the tea by now. She seems like an honest person.

sukii: True true…Well let’s just say it was Sanaa…what now?

rdunmore13: Don’t expect Tiffany Haddish in Brown Sugar 2.

sukii: lmaooo

rdunmore13: As a matter of fact she is now shunned from Black cinema!

sukii: lol damn, everybody hates the messenger.

rdunmore13: I hope her “friendship” with Beyoncé was worth it

anthonykiyonna: Things are going so good for Tiff! If she would just SHUT. UP

rdunmore13: White Hollywood won’t care though….she’ll be fine lol. She just needs to solidify that Meryl Streep connect and she’ll be set for life.

gabriel.williams: Tiffany is fine. Bey is probably laughing at all of this while twerking on Jay. Unbothered.

sukii: lol right!

gabriel.williams: Tiffany: “imma tell Hollywood reporter who did the biting!”….Bey: “go head gurl! Blue gave you the thumbs up!”

sukii: lmao

anthonykiyonna: My final thought is protect Beyonce’s face at all cost. We need it

rdunmore13: lol agreed

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