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An African-American investor has stepped into the spotlight on racist incidents while Black after his encounter in a Memphis neighborhood. Michael Hayes was interrupted during a home inspection by a  neighbor who pulled a racist move and summoned authorities on May 5.

The incident comes as Black people are taking to social media to expose racial profiling incidents.

Hayes, an entrepreneur, posted a video of his experience with the White neighbor while he was trying to get pictures for a home for which he held a contract to do an inspection. The neighbor came over to the home and interrogated Hayes.

“The neighbor ran outside as I was removing the board from the door of the vacant house,” the man said in a YouTube clip. “She yelled at me and asked me what the f**k I was doing.”

He continued, “I very calmly explained to her that I have a contract on the house and I was there to do my inspection. I showed her my business sign that I place in the yards of vacant properties so people will know why I am there.”

Things then took a worse turn when the neighbor took out some stuff from her racist bag.

“She continues to yell at me, tell me to get out of her neighborhood and tell me I have no right to be there,” Hayes said.

The neighbor also lied about knowing the home’s owner and said no one was welcomed into the home. Hayes, who had a written statement to inspect the home, then waited after the person called the cops. Adding insult to injury, the woman continued to insult Hayes even when the cops arrived. Hayes calmly explained the situation, and the cops listened with no problems visible on the video. The man ended up thanking the cops for how they handled the encounter.

It’s a shame that Black men have to go through horrible events like what Hayes went through. The investor recognized in the video that people of color do the right thing and are still subjected to racist situations. Hayes’ encounter ended peacefully, but for so many young men and women, their interactions with police turn violent and even deadly.


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