1.Young Blaksta-In my city 2.G-eazy ft.Cardi B-No limit 3.Lucky Luciano-Candy toys 4.Snow the Product-Ay, Ay Ay 5.Kay Jay ft Paul Wall-Poppin Bottles 6.Lil Ro-Ride with a Playa 7.Anna Mvze-I got it all 8.Lifestyl-Million dollar stars 9.Frankie j ft.Baby bash-Vamonos 10.Bobby Bucher-Drifting 11.Tyme-Hundo 12.Young OG-Why 13.Jes Latino ft Juan Gott & Jessica Jeanz 14.Baeza-Roll with me 15.Dat Boy T ft. Milton Bradley-Slow lane 16.GT Garza ft. Kap G-Barrio 17.Gummo

1.Trakkstars-Oh lord 2.2 Raw-No way jose 3.Young OG-City that made me 4.King lil G ft Kyle lee-Never sell my soul 5.Kleva-El Guapo 6.Loets-Lonestar 7.Snow tha Product-Damnit 8.Grimm-Watch the block bleed 9.Andy Yola-Diamond eyed woman 10.Jay Maly-Rockstar (spanish) 11.Baeza ft. Baby bash-Racks 12.Doeman-Andale 13.Aj Hernz ft. Snow tha Product-For real 14.Self-Provoked-Stroke me 15.NB Ridaz-Lost in love 16.Kid Evo-Next up 17.Chinese-Don’t go

1.GT Garz-5 Yrs later 2.King Lil G ft. Kyle lee-Never sell my soul 3.Castro Escobar ft. Kap G & Snow tha Product-My work 4.Doeman-Gold blooded 5.Switch-In denial 6.Aggravated-I am your future 7.Carolyn Rodriguez ft. Priscilla G & YBE-fwtt 8.Duxe-From Nothin’ 9.Shut em down-Lui Kang 10.AChal ft. Nicky Jam & 2Chainz-Love and Hennessy 11.OHNO-Focused 12.James Houston-Hol up wey 13.NB Ridaz-So Fly 14.Kirby Gomez ft Kap G-DAF 15.Self Provoked-Hated 16.Bad Bunny ft.Farukko & Nicki Minaj 17.Toonz-Breathe 18.Snow the Product ft. Castro Escobar & EC Martinez-On Deck

Salute to Dj Screw! Dj screw influenced the world with the chopped and screwed culture, latinos also have incorporated this style in their music as well, especially those from Houston!  Check out our Mixtape Screwed and chopped of some of our favorite artists.

HustleTown Mixtape

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