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Ahhhh, Twitter. A place of magic and mystery–and sometimes, a platform for people to completely air out their dirty laundry.

If you’ve never seen a fly-out-story-gone-wrong floating through your timeline, you’re probably following the wrong people. Every so often, the Twittersphere gets hit with some personal anecdotes that may be painful for those experiencing it…but honestly, that makes it all the more entertaining. And whenever a popular Twitter honey is involved in the drama, things reach a whole new level.

In today’s installment of: “She Tried To Get Him To Give Her HOW MUCH MONEY?” we meet popular social media personality, Lipstickthvg. With nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter, a lot of males and females follow Brittany for her enticing pictures.

She’s a pretty girl, so it’s no surprise she has a few prospects in her phone. That’s where the drama starts. Another guy on Twitter, Maurice, began posting screenshots of his messages with Lipsticktvg. They’re pretty longwinded, but to summarize: He felt played after finding out Brittany was talking to another guy that he didn’t know about. Everything got especially wild in a text where Maurice asked how much money he’d need to give her in order to completely cut off that other guy from her life. Her answer? $15,000.

There you have it. I don’t know what’s worse, paying the girl your talking to to get rid of her other dude, or asking for $15K to earn your affection. Either way, this situation is clearly insane–and since it was posted on Twitter, the court of public opinion started firing off jokes.

Get a good laugh today by taking a look at what the rest of the internet had to say about Brittany asking for $15,000, and Maurice offering to pay it in the first place.

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