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Back To Her Roots

Stacey Dash is desperately looking for another career. After getting uninvited to the cookout for selling her soul to Fox News, the conservative network then fired  her in January 2017. Now, Dash thinks she might have a career in politics.  See the tweet below:

As you can imagine, Twitter destroyed her:

Those are just a few of the brutal tweets. Clueless Stacey is already an embarrassment, so embarrassing herself as an attempt in politics wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. If there is any group who will vote for someone who is uninformed and willfully ignorant — it’s Republicans. Good luck, Stacey and happy Black History Month!

Don’t Come For Joy

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid likes to have different perspectives on her show AM Joy. However, be prepared to get checked if you are spitting out lies and foolishness. Yesterday, Joy talked to Republican women who stand by their party after Trump’s sexual assault allegations,  accused pedophile Roy Moore and now Rob Porter, who abused his wife, which General John Kelly knew about last fall. Joy asked, “My question to you as a woman, as a Republican woman: what does it say to you that your party is cultivating so many of these men and Donald Trump defends them all?”

“Well, I don’t know if he necessarily defends them all, he says lives are being destroyed,” Amy Tarkanian, the former Nevada Republican Party chair, said. Sadly, she continued, “Who’s he defending? He said you need to be careful because a lot of these — these are allegations not everyone has been found guilty. You have to be careful.” After more of Amy deflecting, Joy then asked, “When has he ever stood up for women against an abusive man? Can you name any instance when he stood up to a Republican man accused of abusing women, just one?” Of course she couldn’t.

Columnist Jennifer Rubin then chimed in “This is the problem. You have women like Amy go on television and defend the president. And he seizes upon this and his supporters seize upon this and the pattern repeats itself because they get away with it. As long as you have Republican women like Amy, like Concerned Women for America, who want something out of this president whether it’s judges or whether it’s discrimination against gays, whatever it is that they want — they make excuses for him and they have to stop it.” Amy looked like her head was about explode.

Watch the video below:

Hate In The Bronx?

According to the New York Daily News, a Bronx principal is being investigated for “explosive complaints from students and staff at a Bronx school saying their principal barred an English teacher from delving into Black-history lessons — and targeted Black teachers and students for abuse.”

Intermediate School 224 Principal Patricia Catania, who is white, has worked for New York City schools for 26 years, and she has been the principal of IS 224 since December 2016.  Eight current or former employees and five students have accused Catania of not allowing any lessons about Black history. Students and teachers were so outraged they wore black for a day  of protest.  “About 75% of the school’s 353 pupils participated in the event, which was organized by kids using Snapchat, kids said. And 71 students signed a petition calling on Catania to allow the lessons in Black culture to continue,” the New York Daily News reports.

Doug Cohen, a spokesman for the Department of Education in New York, confirmed there was an investigation and said, “African-American history is an important part of the school’s curriculum. Students are currently working on projects related to Black History Month that will be presented and highlighted at the end of February.” Students and teachers are calling for Catania to be fired.

If this white principal doesn’t understand the importance of Black history being taught at a school that is 95% Black and Hispanic — then she is clearly at the wrong school. Hopefully, the investigation will bring justice for the students who want to learn and are fighting for their right to be educated.

SOURCE: New York Daily News


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