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Shopping while brown can get you killed. Fortunately, Ziggy from Brooklyn narrowly escaped being shot by the police, but his life was at risk all because he was buying hair conditioner.

In a thread on Twitter, a man who goes by the name of Ziggy said after the gym he decided to get some hair conditioner. He was wearing headphones, which cancel out sound, in his own world and listening music. See below:

Ziggy then revealed he “was looking for 5 minutes before deciding on one. I turn to go up the aisle to pay there’s a Nassau County Police officer standing there. With his weapon drawn. First he goes down another aisle. Then comes back…with another officer also with his weapon drawn. The second officer screams at me to get on the ground. Now. I can barely hear them cuz of my headphones.” Read below for what happened next:

He then  wrote, “My headphones were still blaring, I could barely hear. ‘I CAN’T HEAR BECAUSE OF MY HEADPHONES. PLEASE TAKE THEM OFF. SO I CAN FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.’” Ziggy went to the ground, he was handcuffed and yelled at the officers to take off his headphones. Ziggy was obviously afraid of take off the headphones, not knowing if a movement would make one of the officers pull the trigger. The officer searched his bag and he was let go. But guess who started all of this? The cashier. See below.

Ziggy  dropped some more knowledge:

Here is the officer who allegedly pulled a gun on Ziggy.

Just this week, the officer who shot and killed John Crawford in 2014 said he killed him because he felt an imminent threat. This could happen to anyone. We are grateful that Ziggy survived and isn’t another person wrongfully shot by police.

Nassau County Police have not responded to Ziggy’s claim.


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