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Join Me Or Die!

The Walking Dead Recap

Jadis and Rick Photo: Gene Page/AMC

All they had to do was trust in Rick and wait. Now, it really didn’t look too good for Rick who paid Jadis and her junk yardigans a visit to convince them to join him. He failed miserably of course and ended up in a bin half-naked in his underwear.

Jadis who seems to have a thing for Mr. Grimes and it clearly shows in this episode. Jadis opens the container, Rick is still defiant and warns her she better get in line or die. Jadis, of course, is too busy taking pictures (which seems to be a thing this season) of half-naked Rick while he is being sketched. Rick asks Jadis what the pictures are for and she tells him he will find out later.

Rick was like…

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Well instead of just quickly putting him out his misery just by shooting him they prefer to use a walker that is controlled by a broomstick.

The Walking Dead Recap

Rick Grimes Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Now somehow, some way, Rick managed to fight his way out of this ridiculous situation, take control of the walker and remove its head.

He then takes down Jadis (she probably enjoyed it) and places her head right next to the walkers detached head which happens to still be alive.

The Walking Dead Recap

Jadis Photo: Gene Page/AMC

All of Rick’s amazingness impresses Jadis and she agrees to join them finally. She even tries to negotiate Rick posing for her nude so she can sculpt him. Rick was like…

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With his newest team members with him they head to the sanctuary, Rick is absolutely stunned to see that all of the Walkers are gone and could have been all been killed by the Saviors. Damn Daryl all you had to do  is wait and judging from the scenes from next weeks finale, the plan failed MISERABLY.

Oh, and they are promising that something crazy is going to happen so we might be losing a cast member. We can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week.

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