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Episode 7, ‘Time For After’ leads into next weeks mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and primarily focuses on our favorite mullet wearing coward Euguene.

The Walking Dead Recap

Eugene and Negan Photo: Gene Page/AMC

He is currently in a pickle, he has been tasked by Negan to fix the current dilemma of a shit load of walkers surrounding the Saviors’ compound. If he doesn’ fix the situation a lot of people are going to die and there is no guarantee he won’t be one of them.

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That’s not the only thing worrying poor Eugene, there is also the issue of learning about Dwight being AHK’s (Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom) mole.  Eugene decides to pay a visit to Dwight trying to convince him to stop his quest to bring down the Negan and the Sanctuary. He tells Dwight he won’t snitch on him if he ceases his plan but Dwight was like…


Dwight is not about to stop cause he can smell Negan’s death coming and it’s something he’s been dreaming about for a very long time. Dwight does his best to try and convince Eugene to just sit on his hands and shut off his big brain and let the Sanctuary and Negan meet their doom.

Eugene isn’t trying to hear it and tells Dwight that he is Savior and the mission is to save people. Dwight wasn’t the only person trying to get Dwight to do the right thing. Eugene also has a conversation with a very ill Father Gabriel, Negan’s drunk concubine Tanya and the doctor Harlen.

The Walking Dead Recap

Eugene and Father Gabriel Photo: Gene Page/AMC

They all failed miserably, of course, we even see side of Euegen we have never seen before when he angrily tells Father Gabriel he is with Negan.

Eugene puts his big brain to use after he finds the iPod he gave to Sasha in the casket she died and turned into a walker in. He creates a glider out of a kite and attaches the iPod and a speaker to blast out the music. The plan is to fly the glider over the herd of walkers to grab their attention and lure them away from the sanctuary. Before he can do that Dwight shows up to stop him.

Dwight tells Eugene that if even attempts to go through with his plan he will shoot him. Eugene must have a grew a pair at this moment cause he sent the glider off. BUT instead of shooting him, Dwight decides to take out the glider instead and vanishes. Eugene has his chance to snitch on Dwight to Negan, but he clams up maybe because Dwight was there to scare him into not telling on him.

Also at the same moment, Daryl, Michonne, Tara, Rosita, Morgan and other members are about to mess up Rick’s plans.

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