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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Four

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How to Get Away Wit Murder Winter Finale begins with us at the party at Caplan and Gold on the night of the party, which is also the night of the murder we’ve been getting glimpses of throughout the season. Oliver is at the party, then he gets a phone call and rushes upstairs in a panic. Laurel, Michaela and Asher have just broken into the server but they’ve also killed someone. Oliver tells them that Annalise knows everything, but then realizes that they’re freaking out and that Michaela has blood splattered on her. Then he sees the body and yells, “OH MY GOD!”

Then we cut to hours earlier than that. Connor shows up to Laurel’s place to find Frank, Michaela, and Asher because Oliver told him what they were up to so now he’s roped into this mess too.n

Bonnie shows up to Annalise’s place and tells her that she has something to tell her involving Isaac. Annalise says she has known all along what was happening. Bonnie says she did what she did because she was hurt. Annalise basically looks at her like:


Finally, Annalise says she’s no longer going to forgive Bonnie for all the sick things she does. Bonnie then says Isaac helped her see that she loves her and that they keep doing messed up things to each other out of love. Annalise tells Bonnie to go away. Because…wtf!


Back to the kids. Connor is pissed that they kept the secret from him so he starts talking reckless and Frank puts the paws on him. Hold that thought.

Next, Annalise asks Isaac to help her (not sure how yet, but it’s definitely connected to the night it all goes down) and then Connor calls Annalise from the Caplan and Gold party and gives her the tea about Laurel’s father killing Wes. Also at the party, the kids are trying to hack into the server. Laurel and Oliver are on point with this task, and Asher is keeping watch while Michaela is still at the party saving face. They get the files they need.

Then we fast forward to Annalise calling Laurel and saying she’ll help her however she wants. She just needs her to trust her again. This is in the middle of Annalise asking Isaac for help. Laurel calls her back asking for that help and Annalise peaces out while Isaac is left confused.

Then we’re back to the beginning (you know this show jumps around), where we see Oliver in walking in on Laurel, Asher, and bloody Michaela. Oliver screams. And then the camera pans to the body…

It’s Simon!

The backstory is that Simon walked in on Michaela, Laurel, and Asher after wrapping up their illicit activity and caught part of their conversation. He threatens to tell Tegan if they don’t start talking. Laurel says she’ll pay him anything he wants if he names his price. He wants to know what’s in her bag and snatches it. He digs into the bag and finds her gun. He pulls it out and says he’s not giving it back until they talk, but then this goof slips and shoots himself.


Asher, like a dummy, picks up the gun and wants to hide it. Michaela and Laurel tell him to put it back and that they’ll tell the truth. It’s as if none of these 100th-year law students know nothing about forensics.


Anyway, Oliver walks in on this madness, freaks out and tries to bring Simon back to life with chest compressions. Michaela wipes Asher’s fingerprints off the gun and puts it back, but they have different ideas about which side the gun was on.

Forensics fail, smh.


Michaela walks back into the party, bloody and screams for help, saying that Simon shot himself in the head. Police are called, Tegan asks Michaela what happened. Michaela plays the part. Laurel leaves just so that her dad won’t know that she was at the party (she kept away from the crowd). This is just after Connor called Annalise. Annalise calls Laurel and tells her to come over to where she’s staying and that she’ll help however she needs to. Laurel is in the elevator headed up to Annalise’s room and then we see blood dripping from her legs. She flashes back to a moment from earlier when she had to pull Frank off of Connor (because Frank was basically trying to kill him; you know Connor got a smart mouth). In the moment she pulled them apart, Frank accidentally elbows her in the abdomen.


Now Laurel is trapped in the elevator, because of course it’s stuck at a moment like this, and she’s bleeding heavily. She also has no service. All she can do now is scream for help. Annalise figures out that Laurel is taking too long and goes looking for her only to discover the elevator is stuck. It’s an old elevator so Annalise is able to get one of the doors open, but there’s a gate that is stuck. Laurel is passed out by the time Annalise gets there and we see Laurel’s baby on the floor, motionless.


Annalise gets on the phone with 911, who gives her instructions on how to revive the baby. She struggles to reach the baby through the bars, but after a while, she grabs him enough to follow instructions for how to check for a pulse. This scene is juxtaposed with another scene where we see someone being operated on in the hospital. Now we’re back to Annalise, who is panicking because the baby isn’t breathing. Laurel was only 7 months pregnant and Annalise is triggered by when she lost her own baby at around that same time, so it’s a delicate situation.

Now Michaela is on the phone with Connor, at the height of panic, wondering where the hell Laurel is, and then Michaela notices that Asher is getting arrested (because he probably told the cops something stupid as if he has never been through anything like this before). Mind you, Connor is having this conversation in a hallway aka an unsecure location, and Laurel’s dad’s goon, the one who killed Wes, is hiding in the shadows listening. Annalise finally manages to get the baby out of the elevator and attempts chest compressions. Then we see that the person in the hospital being operated on at the same time is Simon.

Then we get back to Annalise compressing the baby’s chest desperately chanting, “Live!” over and over. Again, we all know how triggering this is for her.

Finally, this heart attack-inducing episode ends as we hear a baby crying.


We don’t yet know Simon’s fate, but it’s not looking good because we last time we left him we heard a flat line.

And now we have to wait until January 18th to find out what’s up.

JANUARY 18th!!!!

Are anyone else’s nerves bad? Geez.


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