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Justice League is here and the world and I have been holding our breath collectively in hopes that Zack Snyder delivers. With rumors of numerous reshoots, Joss Whedon taking over the film for Zack Snyder it honestly wasn’t sounding too good for DCEU’s epic team film.

It can’t be as bad as Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman, could it? That was the million dollar question as I walked into the theater for my screening of the film. Even though those two movies mentioned above left such a bad taste in my mouth, this past summer’s blockbuster Wonder Woman gave me hope that Justice League was going to be a much better film.

Well, I can say that yes indeed Justice League is not terrible like it’s set-up film but it’s still not the epic film it should have been. It’s still plagued by some of the same problems Batman V Superman had. The pacing of the film will drive you insane as it takes entirely too long to get to point. Some of the scenes seemed forced, for example, I feel they wanted to ride Wonder Woman’s (Gal Gadot) wave of success and gave her some unnecessary scenes just for the hell of it. Batman’s (Ben Affleck) presence in the squad was just pure hilarity being he was a man amongst gods. It also seemed at times he didn’t even want to be in the film.

Justice League Review

Another drag on the film is the main villain, Steppenwolf is very forgettable and just doesn’t bring it all. He’s completely CGI but is voiced by Ciarán Hinds and just fails to bring the pain a villain of such magnitude should bring.

Now for all of the negatives, there are some positive things to take away from this film. The newbies to the DCEU held their own. The Flash (Ezra Miller) has a breakout performance even though we don’t know much about his character. Cyborg (Ray Fisher) shocked the hell out of me and I’m probably sure others with his performance as well.  Fisher’s Cyborg fits in quite well with his new team and looks like he has a bright future in the DCEU.

Justice League Review

Aquaman (Jason Momoa) I was very worried about initially, Momoa actually manages to make arguably a very boring superhero a fun one. You even get over the numerous grunts and cheesy one-liners that he yells out during the battle.

Justice League Review

Now without spoiling it, the crown jewel of the universe is Superman (Henry Cavill) and I must say we finally get the Man of Steel we desperately wanted to see on the big screen. It takes a while but once the league gets together on the screen the movie is absolutely F U N.

Justice League Review

DC’s biggest issue when it comes to their films is that they just feel rushed with the exception of Wonder Woman and Man of Steel. Justice League is a movie that we could have lead into with the build-up of the team’s members. It almost seems that DC is doing it’s absolute best not to follow Marvel’s successful blueprint when it comes to building their films universe. But now we are here though.


Justice League is a fun movie when we finally get to the parts we want to see that being the action sequences. In essence, this movie should have been called Dawn of Justice because that’s exactly what it is. It’s the official kickoff of the universe and it’s still promising. It’s most definitely worth seeing especially if you are DC fan, I just hope they finally learn from their mistakes from this film as well as Justice League 2. All they gotta do is head to Twitter and take note of all the complaints. Or they could just take notes from Marvel, I’m just saying.

3.5 out 5

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