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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Seven

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Mellie Grant gets devastating news on tonight’s episode of Scandal. You know her boo, Rashad, right? He’s dead in case you forgot. If you recall, his plane blew up last week killing he and his niece. Ironically, Olivia is the one who delivers the message to Mellie, but she’s also the one who called for the murder. B613 business! We know this because we see Jake in a cutaway scene saying that the situation is handled, and Olivia asks him if they did the right thing. Jake affirms that they did, but this moment also affirms that Rowan Pope was right about the darkness that is overtaking his daughter.


Quinn, who is getting married soon, meets up with Olivia and she’s on to what’s happening. Remember, Quinn was fond of Yasmeen (Rashad’s niece) and so this was devastating to her. She demands to know why Olivia did it. Olivia tells Quinn not to ask what she doesn’t know about. In short, Olivia is being her new cold and callous self. Quinn threatens that she’s going to get justice. Olivia tells her that if she knows what’s good for her she’ll get married and move on, then casually tells her she’ll see her at the wedding.


Better hope Mellie doesn’t find out.


For now, people are blaming Bashrani rebel forces for the tragedy and those theories are correct. Jake tells Olivia that it was too late to install Rashad back to power and that the only way to salvage the treaty was to make a deal with the Bashrani rebels. The rebels deny their involvement, but they want the US government to recognize them as the new Bashrani leaders. But Mellie didn’t get that memo. She tells one of the Bashrani negotiators that there’s no deal and that she plans to drop every American bomb, firecrackers even, that she can find, on their country.

Today is Quinn’s wedding day and she has gone MIA. No one can find her and she’s definitely not answering her phone. Abby finds Quinn’s engagement ring in her apartment and concludes that she’s a runaway bride. Olivia freaks out, wondering what this means for her cover, and the gladiators get to work trying to find their girl. Huck figures out that Quinn was investigating Rashad’s death and that she didn’t run, she was taken. Jake tells Olivia that this is a rouse to buy Quinn time to build her case. Charlie is shook, claiming that she would have told him if she was going to do something like this.

Olivia then finds out that Quinn mentioned to that conservative pundit Liv was knocking down, that she believes it wasn’t the Bashrani’s who were behind the murder. She didn’t give him any names, and then she disappeared. Of course he’s investigating! Olivia tries to get him not to, but you can’t dangle meat in front of a tiger and expect it not to bite.


Jake figures out that an airforce Sargent on the tarmac may have tipped Quinn off about something not being right with the plane and he and Olivia decide to pin this on an innocent person. That person is Fenton (who has projects in that part of the world), Cyrus’ billionaire boo (but they have plans for the Sargent too). So now everyone thinks he has Quinn, and Cyrus thinks he was using him to get his security clearance. They have Cyrus call him but he’s literally tied up.

Charlie has him and is torturing him B613-style.

Then Rosen tells Liv that the Sgt. was found dead in his apartment due to an opioid overdose.

Riiiiight. You know that was an Olivia and Jake special, right?


As the investigation continues, the gladiators believe that Quinn actually met with Fenton, but Cyrus speaks up and says that he was with Fenton (he was trying to keep his affair with Fenton under wraps), but Olivia freaks out because even though Fention isn’t the guy, they’re still closer to figuring out her secret. Messy boots. Cyrus is relieved that Fenton is off the hook, but then Abby realizes that Charlie is gone–torturing the crap out of Fenton. Huck figures out where he is and rushes in just as Charlie is about to saw his fingers off.

Meanwhile, Mellie cuts a deal with Bashrani rebels (with help from the bug put in Jake’s ear) and their rival country, and all seems well.

The Gladiators find footage of Quinn’s last known location hoping to find out who took her and the video goes black. Problem is, the cameras operate all night so someone was methodical about this. Charlie spazzes out and Olivia is still shook because she’s being sloppy and doesn’t want her cover blown as command.

The episode concludes with Jake coming through with recovered security cam footage. Turns out, Quinn didn’t get cold feet and she’s not building a case against Olivia and Jake. Now they have to figure out who took her.

All signs point to Rowan Pope. Come on, you know you were thinking it.

In the preview for next weeks episode, we start to wonder if Quinn is even still alive.


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