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The Walking Dead recap

Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in Episode 2 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Last week’s season premiere introduced to us to all-out-war, this week’s action-packed episode takes it to another level.

Rick’s well thought out plan to rid the post-apocalyptic world of The Saviors is in full swing and it seems to be going off without a hitch. Well with the exception of Father Gabriel stuck in a trailer with Negan, but tonight’s episode didn’t revisit that bridge so we have to wait to learn his fate.

The Walking Dead Recap

Mara (Lindsey Garrett) in Episode 2

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

The episode gets interesting pretty fast when Mara realizes that her and her group of Saviors in trouble when they fail to respond to her on the walkie.The cavalry comes storming a group of Alexandrians, Aaron, Eric and Tobin have Mara and her crew quickly pinned down. Mara quickly believes that Aaron and his crew are too scared to move up on them and take them out. Mara quickly realizes they are not scared, but in fact, they took out enough Saviros and stalled enough to let them turn into walkers and do their dirty work for them.

The Walking Dead Recap

The group looks like they have a victory secured but suffered some casualties in the process. It looks like Tobin may have been fatally shot and Eric takes one in the gut but is still among the living. We won’t hold our breath for Eric making it out of that situation alive.

The Walking Dead Recap

Dianne (Kerry Cahill), Paul “Jesus” Monroe (Tom Payne) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in Episode 2 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

On the other end of Rick’s grand scheme, last weeks episode ended with Morgan, Diane aka Hawkeye, Tara and the man with quick hands and luscious locks Jesus.

This part of the plan was officially kicked off at the end of last week’s season premiere. Once inside the compound, they break up into two groups. Tara and Jesus in one group leaving Morgan with some nervous ass Hilltoppers to roam the compound with.

The Walking Dead Recap

Now this mission didn’t go as smoothly as Aaron’s,  Tara and Jesus bump heads after they encounter a Savior who was trying to surrender and even pissed his own pants to sell him giving up. Tara is cold-blooded now and wants to put the surrendering Savior out of his misery but we learned tonight even Kung-Fu Jesus saves. Jesus convinces Tara not to kill him but of course, Te Savior was lying and he takes Jesus hostage.  A standoff ensues between Tara and The Savior, Jesus is presented a window of opportunity to free himself when his captor tries to shoot Tara.Jesus quickly dispatches his captor with his impressive martial arts skills. BUT instead of killing him, he ties up much to the dismay of Tara.

Morgan isn’t fairing too well, those nervous Hilltoppers he has to roll with almost gets him killed giving us our first real scare of the new season.

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We almost lost Morgan Y’all, but he survives the onslaught we can’t say the same for the nervous Hilltoppers he was with though.  After he survives his close call with death, Morgan is sent into a rage and starts killing any Saviors he comes upon while leaving the compound. Still, a bit dazed he stumbles into Jesus and Tara holding up a group surrendering Saviors. Morgan is no longer the peaceful man he used to be and with Rick’s Matra of “we can’t leave them alive” playing in his head that’s exactly what he wants to do.

The Walking Dead Recap

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Paul “Jesus” Monroe (Tom Payne) in Episode 2 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Spotting Benajmin’s killer doesn’t help matters either as Morgan is ready to put a bullet in his chest. The new Morgan this season Jesus stops him before he kills him or any of the surrendering Saviors. Looks like we’re gonna have an interesting battle within the group between Jesus and Tara.

The third group comprised of Carol, King Ezekiel, Jerry and a group of Kingdomers are in pursuit of the grenade chucking Savior from last weeks season premiere.


The Walking Dead Recap

Alvaro (Carlos Navarro), Jerry (Cooper Andrews), Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in Episode 2

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

They have to catch this guy before he gets back to the compound and warns the others. During their pursuit, we are treated to Ezekiel and his royal words of encouragement. He even takes time to remind Carol about his whole fake it till you make it mantra. They eventually locate the guy they were they chasing but he gets turned into kibble and bits for Ezekiel’s pet tiger Shiva.  It turns out that it doesn’t matter anyway after they learn the Saviors have been informed that they are coming. That doesn’t stop Ezekiel though one bit and he says to the group “No Matter”.

Finally, we catch up with the brains of the operation Rick who is partnered up with Daryl. Their mission is to keep a large stash of weapons from making it to The Saviors thanks to some intel from Dwight.  Rick suggests the duo split up to cover more ground quicker. During his exploration, Daryl stumbles upon a room that reminds him of the room he was held up in. You sense Rick is getting more desperate during his search since no weapons are showing up. His search is rudely interrupted by a Savior who Rick believes is hiding something behind a locked door.

After an intense battle, no chill Rick viciously takes out the Savior and finds out what he was desperately protecting the door. It wasn’t guns the man was protecting, he was protecting his daughter Gracie. Rick stands over the crib probably feeling a bit guilty he killed the child’s father. But he definitely knows it was either him or the guy period. His moment of reflection is interrupted by a familiar face to those who have been watching the show since season one.

The Walking Dead Recap

Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) in Episode 2 Photo by Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Morales is back and a lot of time has passed since his time with Glenn and Andrea changing his way of thinking. With a gun pointed at Rick, he informs him that he has notified the Saviors and they are on their way.

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Things were going so smoothly, looks like Negan finally will get a victory on his side in this young new season. We can’t wait to see what happens with Rick and the gang next week and how they manage to get out of this mess.

Photo: AMC/Gene Page

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