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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Six

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On tonight’s episode of Scandal  Olivia seeks the answer to one burning question–why is Fitz aka Yung Vermont back in Washington DC? He says he needs her help on a project he’s working on. The project is to locate 219 missing black girls in DC. Liv declines, because she knows there’s ulterior motives involved, but she puts Quinn and her gladiators on the case in the meantime.

Mellie presides over the nuclear weapons summit where President Rashad and President Azari will come to an agreement. If all goes well, this will make history, but obviously this won’t be easy. Later on, we see how difficult it’s going to be because President Azari plays hardball during the meeting, especially because he doesn’t like President Rashad and he definitely doesn’t like the fact that Mellie is a woman. Their talk gets so contentious that President Rashad actually steps in to Mellie’s defense because President Azari is so rude to her. Let’s also point out the obvious, which is that sparks are flying between Mellie and President Rashad. They have been looking at each other all googly-eyed all episode, but haven’t acted on their carnal feelings…yet. Mellie knows it wouldn’t be professional, but it has also been a while since she get it in. Sounds like she either better get herself a vibrator or a boy toy who will keep it on the low low.


Meanwhile, Olivia wants Jake to spy on Fitz to see why he’s really back. Rowan tells Fitz’s that his plan of trying to distract Liv with the missing girls project is silly. Rowan knows that Fitz is Olivia’s weakness and wants him to exploit this. He insinuates that he wants Fitz to make Olivia fall in love with him again. Whether Fitz is with it or not remains to be seen, but like, we know what’s up. Olitz just can’t seem to quit each other.


Even Cyrus might be getting in on all the potential love affairs happening on tonight’s episode. Remember that billionaire that Cyrus was tasked with wooing as a potential donor? Well, Cyrus’ persuasiveness seems to be working too well. Not only does said billionaire want to get into politics himself, but he also wants to get into Cyrus.


Yeah, like that. Cyrus doesn’t seem to be with it yet, especially because he usually goes for the pretty ones. You’ve seen his exes.  However, you get the feeling that the billionaire might wear him down.

Olivia has the change of heart we knew she would and ends up on the case of the missing girls, but she still wants to know what Fitz is doing in DC. Fitz does a press tour and claims that his real work is not in Vermont, but in the cities and that is why he’s back. Vermont can wait.

Yeah right.


Mellie, President Rashad and President Anzari meet again in another attempt to negotiate. They come to an agreement, but then President Rashad’s goons rush in to whisk him away. According to Jake, rebel’s staged a coup of Bashran and Rashad is no longer president.

Olivia demands to know how this happened and Jake lays in to her. Basically, it’s because she wasn’t on her game because she was distracted with the missing girls situation. Jake then asks her the question of the night, “Are you command, or are you someone’s girl?”


Mellie wants to offer Rashad sanctuary in the US and send troops into Bashrad to reinstate him as president. Olivia wants to wash her hands of this and not have to go to war, but later on, Olivia informs Mellie that she’s down and that she knows that Mellie is smitten with Rashad (by Mellie’s own admission even thought it’s obvious) and that they’re going to do what they need to do to be epic.


Fitz finds Olivia to tell her that the Bashran situation is dominating the news just as the missing girls case is starting to gain traction and wants Olivia to get Mellie to host a dinner about the girls. Olivia demands to know why he’s here. Fitz then says he’s there because she is. And then the inevitable happens…they engage in one of their passionate kisses and have hot steamy sex. Olitz is back on again, for now.

The episode concludes with Quinn informing one of the missing girl’s mothers that her daughter was found alive and is now safe. Jake comes through and finds out that Rowan is most likely behind Fitz’s return (it’s implied that he found conversations between Rowan and Fitz). So of course, Olivia pays her father a visit. This pis the start of what will be another epic Pope confrontation.

But we’ll have to wait until next week to see where this goes.


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