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Starbucks To Raise Prices On Select Drinks, And Lower On Simple Drinks

Source: Chris Hondros / Getty

Starbucks has made its way onto the corner of almost every street in the past decade, and now it seems like there’s a new drink on their menu every single day. Though they’ve always been notorious for their different drink selections during the holidays, the chain has certainly been stepping up their seasonal selections. A huge company like Starbucks has a way of making additions to their menu into an important pop culture event, especially if those additions are only for a limited time.

The latest drink to land on the coveted menu, for a limited time only, is the Zombie Frappuccino–available in the United States and Canada just in time for Halloween. The drink is a green caramel apple frappuccino topped with pink vanilla whipped cream and a pink mocha drizzle. Take a look for yourself:

Announced early Thursday morning, people rushed to their local Starbucks to try the drink before the “limited supply” ran out. There were mixed reviews, but overall the consensus is that this frappuccino is one of the sweetest yet.

This isn’t the first time Starbucks has unveiled a limited edition frappuccino, and some of the other drinks have been just as strange as the new Zombie frap. Take a look at some of the past season blended concoctions Starbucks used to draw in their very intrigued customers.


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