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Close up of young man putting contact lens onto eye

Source: Medic Image / Getty

Is wearing wild and fun contact lenses to complete your costume worth your vision? It sounds like they’re killing the fun from using costume contact lenses, but they’re actually trying to help you by saying to BEWARE of colored contact lenses.
Health officials and doctors are trying to educate people again this year and prevent them from using ill fitted and non-prescription costume contact lenses on your eyes.

You might not know it, but you can get one or more of the following: infections, abrasions, ulcers or you could lose your sight/eye. Some of these ill fitted, non-prescription lenses can cause your eyes to become swollen and cloudy. Another scary symptom you can contract is corneal hypoxia, that’s when your cornea is deprived of oxygen.
“We worry about this every year,” Anna P. Murchison, director of the Willis Eye emergency department of Jefferson.
Murchison and her colleagues said that the safest way to alter your eye color for your costumes is by prescription so that your eyes are safe with the proper material by the FDA.
The non-prescription colored decorative contact lenses can be easily found and purchased online, but it is against the FDA regulations to sell them without proper agency reviews.
Some of the contact lenses that do not have FDA approval can also contain harmful substances like lead, a neurotoxin and chlorine… all of which can cause irritation to your eye. And other cheap lenses can cause an irritation to the inside of the eyelid.