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Chicago is trying to correct a longstanding pattern of horrible police abuses—uncovered in a Justice Department probe—in the city’s Black neighborhoods, yet President Donald Trump believes that African Americans desire unrestrained policing in their communities.

The Washington Post reports that Trump said that minorities “want” and “need” more police protection than other Americans, blaming Democrats for the high murder rate in Chicago.

“Minorities want police protection more than anybody. They need it more than anybody. What’s going on is crazy. And you look at some of these inner cities where it’s just out of control,” Trump stated to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.

The president lamented that “political correctness” prevents police officers from responding effectively to rampant crime—even though the fact is that violent crime has decrease over the past 25 years, according to the Pew Research Center.

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Trump’s vision of policing the Black community should raise concerns. In August, the White House announced an end to an Obama-era ban on the transfer of surplus military equipment to police departments. The surplus equipment on the table includes rocket-launchers, bayonets, armored vehicles, and ammunition.

At the same time, the Trump administration has taken steps to reverse several criminal justice system reforms initiated by former President Barack Obama’s Justice Department.

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Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is quietly returning to the racially biased “war on drugs” policy, which led to mass incarceration that destroyed Black communities, costing taxpayers $80 billion a year.

The criminal justice system warehoused African Americans in prison for drug offenses 10 times more than Whites, even though Blacks and Whites used drugs at roughly the same rate. Blacks also received disproportionately longer prison sentences for minor drug offenses.

SOURCE:  Washington Post, U.S. Department of Justice, Pew Research Center


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