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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is all about fall outs and relationships lost (as usual) so let’s get into it. We start with Booby and Brooke kicking it by the water acting like teenagers in puppy love. They discuss Booby’s relationship with Nasal He Whosal Hazel-E. He says they’re cool and all, on some hometown love ish, but that’s it. Speaking of Nasal He Hazel-E, she has been popping off about Brooke on social media so you know this is going to be an issue that comes up later on. Meanwhile, Booby is planning a weekend getaway to Catalina Island with Brooke.


A weekend trip? You know that’s about to be official.

Moniece and AD are not in a good place and ish hits the fan when AD decides to clear her head at the club with Zell and Alexis Skyy, the latter being Moniece’s arch nemesis. Zell is trash so he encourages AD and Alexis to get close and that’s exactly what happens. AD and Alexis get a little too close while dirty dancing, and of course it’s all on video!


Hold that thought.

Bridget Kelly and Marcus have been in the studio (recording that Marcus initially wrote for Brooke, smh), and Brooke doesn’t know (but apparently, Bridget was friends with Marcus first). Bridget vents to Marcus that she’s unhappy with her boo, James, but then she gets messy and tells Marcus that Brooke was going hard for Booby at his showcase the other night and makes it seem like Brooke has moved on. Marcus seems hurt, especially because he bought her a ring, which he shows Bridget, but again, he brought this on himself.


Back to Brooke and Whosal Hazel-E. Brooke actually attempts to meet up with her to squash their drama like a grownup, but it doesn’t go well at all. Whosal Hazel-E walks in hostile and immediately starts insulting Brooke, so instead of mouthing off, Brooke tries to deliver them hands to Whosal Hazel-E (but you know security got to them before it could get that far). Everything goes downhill as they continue to act a’fool in that nice Hollywood restaurant, with everyone looking at them like they’re nuts (and rightfully so).


Moniece thinks it’s a good idea to confront AD at work about the video, but AD is unbothered and basically ready to go back to her bachelorette life. She’s tired of Moniece trying to control her and plans to move out. Moniece says that if she moves out then she’s done with the relationship and AD is cool with it so that’s what it is.


Now we’re out and about at a club/lounge situation. It’s supposed to be chill, but Brooke’s friend invited Marcus and didn’t tell her. Brooke approaches Marcus, who is currently talking to James, and tries to interrupt, but Marcus doesn’t want to talk to her. James excuses himself anyway, so Marcus is forced to talk to Brooke. Brooke apologizes to Marcus for being petty. Marcus starts going off on her about how she has been treating him, especially since he apologized.


Then Marcus reveals that Bridget told him about how she has been going in for Booby and that’s when Brooke realizes that when it comes to she and Bridget, there ain’t no girl code, bih! Anyway, Brooke gets super dramatic out of nowhere, starts cry and even gets on her knees, claiming that she’s sorry for hurting him the way he hurt her.


Marcus tells her to stop crying, and pulls her up. She gets up and leaves with the little dignity she has left. And we’re all confused. Either you’re for real mad at Marcus and seriously entertaining feelings for Booby or nah…

Then again, she might be trying to hold on to her spot on the show for next season.


The episode wraps with Masika confronting Zell in the middle of styling a photoshoot that was set up by her friend, Donatella. Donatella hired Zell because he led her to believe that he and Masika were still cool, but of course Masika found out about this. Long story short, Zell gets rude as hell, reaching for his story line, as usual. They start arguing back and forth with Masika saying she put Zell on and Zell claiming she did not put him on and that he had her back when she was in section 8 (a claim she denies), but then he starts chanting “Masika Kalysha f–ks for a feature.”

Uh, yeah their fake friendship is over.

More drama will flow next week, same time, same channel.


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