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This week, athletes showed their power by refusing to engage in activities that went against their principles. From taking a knee during the national anthem for social justice, to refusing to go to the White House, athletes proved they’re more than just built bodies and championship rings.

One sports star in particular made it clear that he didn’t want to go to any White House with Donald Trump in it. Two time NBA champion Stephen Curry said in a statement last Friday that he would vote “no” for his team, the Golden State Warriors, to visit the White House..and off course, Donnie wasn’t happy. Read tweet below:

This feels like a win for Steph Curry! A withdrawn invitation is like a sigh of relief when you don’t want to go in the first place. To honor Steph Curry’s winning streak we decided to create a list of events where we’d love to have our invitation withdraw. Hopefully, our luck matches that of a NBA superstar.

New Bae’s Family Cookout

Meeting the family of your significant other is a nervous time for anyone, especially if you really love that person. But it can be an absolute nightmare if that significant other was just meant to be a summertime fling. There’s such a thing as moving too fast and do you really want to meet the mother of someone who might be out your contact list come November? Awkward conversations can reach new heights when questions like “How did ya meet?” or “What’s your plans for the future?” come around. Thanks for the invite, but no thanks.

A Club Night With Your Crush

Going to your favorite party spot can be a blast if you’re with your ride-or-die BFFs. However, it can be a whole different story if your crush sends you the invite. This is that one person who you’ve been friends with, but low-key have fantasies about every day — the free spirited one who doesn’t want to be “tied down” at the moment. One club invite from them can be an evening of watching them grind on random cuties and going home with someone other than yourself. Pass.

Your Kid Nephew’s Birthday Party

Anytime a family member invites you to a birthday party for someone younger than ten, expect to be a chaperone. Whereas anyone older can usually entertain themselves with friends and activities, the little ones need support. A random injury on a random body part — you’re up. Someone’s crying for loosing hide-and-seek — it’s on you. The parent of the actual child is busy playing the avoidance game.

Anything Planned By Your Opposite BFF

Opposites can definitely attract and that goes for romantic relationships, as well as friendships. Every now and then you need someone to spice up your life and not go with the same old, same old. However, when it comes to your friend wanting to see the movie It and you want to see Love Actually, all hell can break loose. Next thing you know, the homie is trying to sit through a three hour play, while you want to stay home for the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop. Just do lunch together and call it a day.

A Celebratory Event For Someone You Don’t Like

Celebrations are always great. Your closest friend is having a baby shower; your co-worker who’s been venting about love for several years is finally getting married. All great. But if you get an invite from someone you don’t like, things can get messy — especially if they know you don’t like them. That invite to their wedding is another chance for them to revel in their relationship, while you’re sitting lonely at the singles table. A graduation party is just another moment to question what you’ve done with your life. Unfortunately, denying their invitation can seem shady or will automatically paint you as bitter. Maybe they can take a tip from Donnie and realize you don’t want to be their guest in the first place. Invitation withdrawn!

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