Wild Card Round - Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks

Source: Steve Dykes / Getty

Yesterday after Michael Bennett sacked the 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer late in the first half, Bennett walked away in celebration with his fist in the air
That moment the Settle Seahawks defensive end’s game because the first sack celebration that resembled the National Anthem protests where players stand on the sidelines with their fists raised.
The way Michael Bennett walked to the side with his fist in the air was something similar to what Olympian John Carlos and Tommie Smith did during the 1968 Summer Olympics when Carlos and Smith protested during their medal ceremony.
After winning, the pair walked to the podium without shoes, wearing beads and having unzipped Olympian jackets as they raised their first during the National Anthem to show solidarity with the civil rights movement.
It was just days after the pairs’ symbolic gesture when they were suspended by the U.S.A. Olympic committee and given 48 hours to leave the country where the 1968 Olympics was being held.
After the game Bennett explained the celebratory gesture with a tweet that read, “The raised fist represent unit or solidarity with oppressed peoples.”
This comes about three weeks when Bennett was held at gunpoint by a Las Vegas police officer after an alleged shooter was in the casino.

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