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Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey

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The Berryman House, Inc., a Non Profit 501C3 Organization is partnering with “Houston, We’re Solving Problems Coalition” which consist of collaborations with Christ Community Churches, On Track Ministries, First Outreach Church, BH Ranch Entertainment and Event Center, Homestyle Restaurant/Catering and Linn Street Outreach Mission. Our goal is to assist those men, women and children that are in need of help as a result of devastation due to our recent catastrophe.

Starting on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 9 am we will be starting registration for assistance at King Street Church located at 5922 Dr. Martin Luther King Street, Houston, Texas 77021. Our registration process will consist of assessing the need of the individuals concerning their area of request whether it is supplies, food, transportation, shelter or any other issue. We will assign each person a number for record keeping and accountability. Once the forms have been completed a care package will be given out to each person and temporary shelter will be provided upon request. We have listed the top 50 items we are requesting from vendors and sponsors which is attached to accommodate each individual and we will receive donations of additional items and monetary contributions as well. The site for item distribution will be officially at the following location: BH Ranch Entertainment and Event Center, 14149 Buxley / Player, Houston, Texas 77045. The site will be open around the clock 24 hrs. a day as well as the registration station at 5922 Dr. Martin Luther King Street, Houston, Texas 77021.

The official site for housing and temporary shelter will be at 2354 County Road 59, Manvel, Texas 77578, a 65k sq. ft. mansion property. All individuals will be welcomed with adequate supplies for bedding and resting. Security will also be provided around the clock. All donations of items and contributions of monetary support are welcomed. The Berryman, Inc., is designated by the State of Texas as a viable entity and all donations are tax deductible.

For more information please contact Samuel Harris, Jr. 832-878-8535 or

The Following Items Are Needed: 

1) Ice 32) Hand Sanitizer 

2) Coolers 33) Soap 

3) Water/Soda Water 34) Towels 

4) Bread 35) Tooth Brush 

5) Peanut Butter 36) Tooth Paste 

6) Jelly 37) Deodorant 

7) Lunch Meat 38) Hair Combs/Brushes 

8) Cheese 39) Sanitary Items 

9) Chips 40) Toilet Tissue 

10) Cookies 41) Dish Washing Liquid 

11) Canned Goods 42) Clothes 

12) Fruits 43) Shoes 

13) Snack Bars (Protein, Granola, etc) 44) Socks 

14) Milk 45) Under Garments 

15) Cereal 46) Flash Lights 

16) Lemonade 47) Batteries 

17) Tea 48) Porta Potty’s 

18) Sugar 49) Trash Bags 

19) Mints 50) Mosquito Repellent 

20) Gum 51) Commercial Fans 

21) Serving Gloves 52) Generators 

22) Plastic Containers / Zip Lock Bags 53) Gasoline 

23) Plastic (forks, spoons, knifes) 

24) Plastic Bowl 

25) Paper Plates 

26) Plastic Cups 

27) Paper Towels 

28) Cots 

29) Pillows 

30) Blankets / Sheets 

31) Medical Supplies

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