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Film director Spike Lee created a cyber stir Tuesday when he tweeted a flier announcing the “United We Stand: Rally for for Colin Kaepernick.”

The rally will be held on Wednesday, August 23 outside of the NFL Headquarters in New York.

Fans have also started a boycott against the NFL for blackballing Kaepernick as retaliation for his silent protest during national anthems. The petition  has almost 90,000 supporters. Read a section of the petition below:

“We understand the NFL is very important to you. We also understand the purpose of Colin Kaepernick’s protest is FAR more important than any games you will ever watch. Simply put, if things stay the same for the way America — where “all men are created equal” — treats people of color, then your loved ones, friends, and children will eventually be affected as well.

Finally, this situation really shines a light on how much the NFL really cares about its Black athletes. It’s pretty much: Play for us, entertain us, make us money, and shut up.”

Kaepernick was recently passed over by the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins. Though some sports commentators have tried to rationalize NFL teams not signing him because of his on the field production (despite the fact he had a QB rating better than more than half of the backup quarterbacks currently signed), other former NFL players like Michael Vick and Ray Lewis suggest that he should assimilate into NFL culture by cutting his hair and be quieter about his social justice activism.

Since he’s been informally banned by the NFL, Kaepernick has donated millions to charity, sponsored “Know Your Rights workshops to inner city youth, donated suits to job seeking parolees, and more.

Do you think the rally will  inch the NFL closer to lifting its ban ban on Kaepernick? Sound off in comments.

Joshua Adams is a journalist and adjunct instructor from Chicago – @JournoJoshua


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