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The season finale of The Bachelorette is finally here, and Rachel Lindsay is ready to pick her husband!

After a season of 2-hour mega-episodes, ABC has decided to mashup the season finale and their ‘After The Final Rose’ episode into one 3-hour show. This meant that Rachel and her last three suitors would be watching the final episode live along with the rest of America.

Getting into the episode itself, Rachel and Peter are at a standstill. She wants to get engaged, and so does he…eventually. The problem they’re having–and it’s BIG one–is timing. She wants a ring now and he wants to wait until the time is right, and that might not necessarily be in time for the finale. Neither one of them is necessarily wrong.

It’s a familiar space for Rachel, who was in a five-year relationship that basically went nowhere.

Rachel and Peter are undoubtedly into each other, but it’s clear they’re not at the same place. That complicates things quite a bit.

As Rachel told host Chris Harrison, Rachel was seriously thinking about sending Peter home that night. Instead, she gave him a key to the Fantasy Suite in hopes that spending more time together will give them more clarity.

The next morning didn’t bring any additional light to the situation.

She should have sent Peter home because their interaction distracted her from her date with Bryan the next day. And it was not lost on him that Rachel’s mind wasn’t really focused on him or what they were doing.

They were in the middle of a sun-kissed vineyard, riding horse and sipping wine. Yet all Rachel could do was think about Peter.

Bryan brought up his concerns during dinner, when he said that he didn’t feel like Rachel was fully present during their date. Rachel appreciated that Bryan picked up on how she was feeling, but she admitted that she felt bad about taking that time away from him.

With that off of her chest, Rachel felt free and clear to give Bryan a key to the Fantasy. As if there was any doubt that he would get it. The hallway to the room looked a bit sketchy, but it was a really lovely suite.

They must have had a good night because they seemed the coziest on the next morning. She looked like a woman in love as she sent him on his way so that she could prep for the final rose ceremony.

Although, not all of the overnights went as Rachel had hoped, they did help her to make a very tough decision. Things weren’t looking goo for Peter. Going into the final rose ceremony, it was a load off her mind.

Bryan got the first rose. No shock there. But Rachel was slightly conflicted on who would get the second rose: Eric or Peter.

It was Peter. Rachel sent Eric home, and we were devastated. How was she going to send him home over Peter?!

Eric left there with nothing but love in his heart for Rachel. And she questioned whether she made the right decision sending him home.

Rachel…girl…you made a mistake.

When Eric–looking handsome as ever–got out to see Rachel, he was focused on seeing how she was doing. He was still a fountain of positivity, and I loved it!

Rachel admits that she believes they had a great connection and the progression their relationship was good. Unfortunately, she said that she would have wanted more time with him to see how they would actually work as a couple.

Most of the reasons she gave for sending Eric home over Peter just didn’t line up. The logic is fine, but she’s expecting different things from him than what she’s asking of Peter.

Rachel wants Peter to propose at the end of the show, but he’s not ready to offer that no matter how badly she wants that from him. Eric is ready to propose, but she needs more time with him even though she loves him. Time is simply a luxury they do not have.

The best reason Rachel had for sending Eric home is that she loves him, but she is not in love with him. She should have left it at that.

Eric thanked Rachel for the emotional glowup and her contribution to his journey.

Of the two who are left, Rachel should pick Bryan. So far as anyone can tell, Peter is only going to offer her the same uncertainty she had with the ex-boyfriend that took up five years of her time.

Rachel’s last date with Bryan started in a field flooded with golden sunlight as they boarded a hot air balloon. They had a nice time, and he gave her a Spanish-English dictionary. It was cute, but it wasn’t a remarkable date.

Rachel had to call on Jesus for her last date with Peter as they went to church and talked to a monk. The holy man gave them some relationship advice that gave them both a lot to think about. After they left the sanctuary they had a conversation that only served to complicate matters more.

I’m over Peter and his shenanigans, but Rachel is keeping him around for a reason. Why? Who knows? She is genuinely confused about Peter’s feelings for her because he talks about forever, but he’s not ready to propose yet.

After the date, Rachel went to Peter’s room to have a difficult conversation with him about whether he was feeling ready to propose yet.

He wasn’t. He loves Rachel, and he doesn’t want to lose her. That didn’t mean he was ready to pop the question in order to keep her.

We can’t blame Rachel for wanting to get an idea of what to expect from him if she picked him. However, she had to see this coming. He’s been saying it for weeks.

But then he turned the tables. Peter asked her whether she’s sure she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and she couldn’t really answer the question.

After much debate, Peter said that he was ready to go against his deeply held personal beliefs and propose so that he could keep Rachel in his life. But who wants a forced proposal? Not Rachel.

He cried. She cried. There were all sorts of tears. Peter questioned what was wrong with himself. I was counting the moments until Peter was off my screen.

After a tearful goodbye, it looked like things were very uncertain for the next day. Then they brought Peter out for a chat, and the audience knows that is the last time they are going to see him.

From the way they were talking, it was clear that things between Rachel and Peter were over. And decisively so. Good riddance!

The decision was pretty much made heading into the proposal. She sent Eric home and Peter was out of the picture. That seemed to leave the field wide open for Bryan to propose and secure his relationship with Rachel.

Rachel was absolutely glowing for her the proposal. Her gown shimmered and her makeup was cute. It was a good look for her first steps into forever.

Bryan was so excited to get down on one knee, and Rachel was only too thrilled to say, ‘Yes’! Rachel got her proposal from the man who captured her attention, and eventually her heart, from the moment he stepped out of the limo on the first night and scooped up the first kiss of the season.

Things came full circle for Rachel and Bryan. He got the first rose and the last.

Will they live happily ever after? We hope so! Congrats to the happy couple.


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