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A 67-year old woman in the UK has become one of the most shocking stories that is currently going around at the time.
This unidentified woman was set to have routine cataract surgery at the Soihull Hospital and Richard Crombie, a consultant anesthetist, was numbing her eye and prepping her for surgery when he discovered that she had old lenses in her right eye.
“He put a speculum into the eye to hold the eye open as he put the anesthetic in, and he noticed a blue mass under the top eyelid,” Dr. Morjaria told CNN.
They were the “blue mass” of 17 lenses. In a further examination they discovered 10 more lenses and all the lenses were held together by mucus.
“We were all shocked,” Morjaria said. “We’ve never come across this.”
The woman even told the surgeons that she would put go to remove her lenses and couldn’t find them. The woman thought that she had dropped them somewhere.
Some of her complaints were that she was experiencing dry eye and discomfort to what she believed was due to old age.
Rupal Morjaria, a specialist in ophthalmology in Britain was one of three authors of the paper this month BMJ explaining the case. The three want to bring awareness about the possibilities from wearing contact lenses and the importances of dr. visits.
This woman had been wearing contacts for 35 years so the ophthalmologists have no idea how long the 27 lenses were in her eye for.

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