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Daenerys Finally Returns Home To Dragonstone!

We didn’t get to see much of the Dragon Queen in the premiere but that’s quite alright cause her small scene was everything we needed. Cersei knows her rival is on her way to Westeros with her three dragons, brother Tyrion with a very impressive army behind her. Matter of fact she was so important, even though she wasn’t on-screen that much she was still the subject of many conversations. But all we needed to hear from our beloved Khaleesi was “Shall we begin?” and get insanely hyped.

One things for sure we learned in the first episode all things will lead to Dragonstone.We learn from Sam that her castle in Dragonstone sits on a mountain of dragonglass that Jon will desperately need. So that eventual meeting between the two characters we have desperately wanted for so long is definitely gonna happen. At least we hope! Cause in the world of Game of Thrones nothing is for certain.

We can’t wait for next week cause based off this premiere alone this season is going to be L I T !

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