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Euron’s Epic Shade of Jaime


Cersei has no more kids, no more family except for Jaime and Tyrion (he’s dead to her in spirit) and has not one but two armies ready to take down her kingdom. So to counter the moves of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, she reaches out to Euron Greyjoy to use his mighty fleet. Euron arrives at Casterly Rock to meet with Cersei and discuss taking her hand in her marriage in exchange for his services. Jaime of course isn’t here for anyone being with his sister/lover.

Euron though didn’t only arrive with a glorious fleet of ships he brought some serious shade too.Not only did he take jabs at Jamie by making light of the fact he only has one good hand, he also suggested jokingly (we think) that Cersei should kill her own brother after she brought up his lack of trustworthiness for murdering his own brother.

 Euron is coooooooollllldddddd blloooodddeeeeed! The internet also enjoyed Euron’s shade as much as his new makeover. Peep some of the reactions below:

We are totally here Euron’s evil shady ass, but we knw he’s gotta go eventually for the greater good!



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