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Arya Starks Grand Opening/Grand Closing!


Game of Thrones 7th season didn’t open with the Ramin Djawadi main theme to lead but with Walder Frey whom met his demise at the hands of young Arya Stark last season. In the scene he gathers all of the men who helped him take out the Starks during the infamous red wedding scene.

The scene comes off as a flashback but there is something eerily strange going on. Frey offers everyone a celebratory drink of wine but when it comes to toast and sip well in their case chug, Frey and the two women don’t follow the group. We quickly learn why though, the men start violently coughing up blood because they have been poisoned. Why would Frey do this to his own men? We learn it wasn’t Frey at all, it was Arya exacting her revenge in the name of her fallen Stark siblings and mother.



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