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President Donald Trump took to Twitter last night and tweeted (and since deleted) a tweet, stating, “Despite the negative press covfefe.”

What is a covfefe? Good question. (People are also spelling it covefe).

The Internet wins (always) and started to use covefe in a sentence…to help explain its meaning.

Who has the covfefe?

The Urban Dictionary defined it for us (and probably Donald, too).

How do you serve your covfefe?

Jimmy Kimmel admits this is the one time that Donald showed any sense of brilliance.

Is covfefe might just be a disease…

Covfefe might be a name…

It might be a legend….

How do you like your covfefe?

Will we see this word in a spelling bee anytime soon?

The word went viral so quickly.

Donald Trump tweeted and deleted, then retweeted, trying to make a joke (not realizing he IS the joke).

Sadly, my fellow Americans, this is our President.

What was your favorite response? Tell us in the comments!


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