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Donald Trump hasn’t been able to deliver on any of his campaign promises (hallelujah) since becoming President. But he sure has managed to look absolutely dumb thanks in large part to ridiculous things he says on during his 100-plus days as President of the United States.

From constantly labeling facts thrown at him and his cabinet as “fake news”,and now we learn today he probably stunk in American History class. During an interview with Sirius XM, Donald Trump let his praise and admiration for former President Andrew Jackson a well-known slave owner calling him a “swashbuckler”. President Nacho also seemed to imply in the same interview that Andrew Jackson was alive during the Civil War. If you know your American History you would know he actually wasn’t and was dead for 16 years before the Civil War even happened.

You can listen to a snippet of the buffoonery below:

Now you know somehow the spin-masters that are the Trump team will try their best to rectify this, and the his loyal base will defend him. They will be hard pressed though as folks are taking President Nacho to task over his latest ridiculous comments. Step into the glorious slander below:

I am always here for well deserved Donald Trump slander, please Mr.Trump keep the stupidity coming.


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