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The Glamping continues on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The trip on got off to a shady start, with Kenya and Porsha almost getting into it on the bus, while on the way to the site, but that crisis is temporarily averted. Once they get to the site and start checking out their rooms, we immediately cut to Marlo and Sheree, who are cabin-mates. They start being messy as soon as they check in. Sheree does the carrier pigeon thing that she always does, and drops dime about rumors that Kandi has “dipped in the lady pond.” Remember when Phaedra sparked that up because she was mad at Kandi? Welp, that is what Sheree is talking about, so now her fake mission is to have Kandi and Shaedra talk it out—you know, in the name of unity. Because these talks always go swimmingly.


Despite having cabins, they decided to pitch tents outside, on the first night, for some “girlfriends bonding.” It starts off okay enough. Then things take a turn toward true colors when Marlo and Kenya get into it. Marlo takes a really low blow when she says, “You know something is wrong with someone when their own mother don’t want to be bothered with them.” Ouch.


Even the other shade queens women are taken aback by Marlo’s shot. That’s when Phaedra reins it back in by reminding them that they’re there to bond and be positive. Sheree surprisingly makes an excellent judgment call by not bringing up the lesbian rumors at that moment. After that, they have some stretches of doing actual outdoorsy stuff on the trip, like rowing (terribly, by the way), and managing to not kill each other, and they have fun in the process.


The peace is fleeting, though, because once the crew gets together for dinner ish starts back up again. It seemingly starts well when Marlo and Kenya apologize to each other and agree to move on. But then Marlo asks Kandi if she’s a closet lesbian. Kandi denies this (and it’s believable because Kandi is pretty open when it comes to her freak flag) and then asks where this info is from. After Sheree is implicated in this (for putting the bug in Marlo’s ear), she tries to keep mum about where she got the tea from, but that lasts for all of five seconds since it looks dumb to be so thirsty about spilling tea all the time, but not wanting to reveal the source.  Sheree then tries to be slick by asking if anyone at the table had anything to say before she pulls a Nino Brown and names names. Porsha turned into an owl all of a sudden, and feigned surprise, asking, “Who? What? Who said that?” and Shaedra is quiet as a church mouse—but y’all know she likes to throw rocks and hide her hands.


That’s when Sheree just comes out with it and dishes all the details to Kandi about where and how she got the news. Porsha finds a roundabout way to say that she only kinda sorta said it, but not really. Basically, the gist of Porsha’s defense is that she only insinuated it. Porsha actually said insinuate and it’s kind of surprising that she knows the meaning of that word, but anyway…Porsha owns up to being involved in that gossip, but adds that she was just being shady because she and Kandi had fallen out. Things eventually go to the next level because Kandi obviously doesn’t appreciate the rumor, and then Porsha, feeling frustrated, calls Sheree out for her forever loose lips. Once that convo simmers down, Kandi says that she’s not a lesbian, but she has dabbled, and adds that what she has done is no different from what others at the table have done. Porsha is who Kandi is referring to in the “others” category. Porsha gets annoyed and claims Kandi doesn’t know what she has done. This roundabout convo goes nowhere, but it does simmer down until the ladies retire for the night.

Later on Kandi, Kenya and Cynthia are in one cabin, while Phaerdra, Lauren and Porsha are in another—with both respective sides gossiping about each other. Porsha and Kandi both claim to have the inside scoop on the other and that they will drop dimes if necessary.


This is going to get really ugly next week because in the preview we saw Kandi threaten to pop off on Porsha.

Here’s the thing, this drama stems from a seed planted by Shaedra, who was quiet this entire time.


See you next week.


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