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Spend more time between the sheets, doctor’s orders

Want a clear complexion? Have sex. Here’s how doing it keeps your skin beautiful:

  • It fights the signs of aging. Think of sex as a physical anti-wrinkle cream. Getting busy balances estrogen levels, which keeps skin supple and moisturized. Sex also helps boost your immune system, which minimizes collagen and elastin breakdown. Add wrinkles to your sheets while reducing them from your skin!
  • It banishes breakouts. During the act, your body tamps down levels of cortisol—the pesky stress hormone that makes acne worse. The result: clearer skin. And all that sweating helps clean makeup, dirt and grime from your pores. It’s like a free facial—with an orgasm. Win-win!
  • It makes you glow. Like any physical exercise, having sex ramps up your circulation. To deal with the increased blood flow (and the extra oxygen), the small capillaries in your face expand, making you flush; it’s like hot yoga without the roomful of bodies.

And let’s face it: The elliptical just isn’t as much fun.


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