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The other day R&B singer Ciara posted a picture of the custom baby shoes to her IG page, but her post is getting more attention then the cute picture is.

ciara  What In The Cuteness Are These?!?!…. Our New Little Ones 1st Pair Of Shoes Designed By Their Daddy 

The Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson happily custom designed a pair of Seahawks teamed shoes for his first unborn baby girl or boy.
Ciara fans and the Seahawks fans are now wondering if Ciara’s IG post was her way of telling the people that they are having twins.
To dissect her post, she says “OUR LITTLE ONES” and “THEIR”.
So the question is, do you think that Ciara simply forget to use grammar by leaving out an apostrophe with the word, “One’s”?
And when she used the word “theirs” is it possible that she used that gender neutral word in order to keep their baby’s sex a secret?
It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see since she’s not due until 2017.

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