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Meet Sara Walter’s, a henna body art shop owner that is located in Bothell, Washington.
Sara creates ancient henna art for a variety of of things, but her biggest canvas is especially for the women who are currently undergoing chemotherapy.
“It does satisfy that creative urge. But when it’s something you’re doing for someone else, benefiting someone else in a positive way, and when it can be a gift that you’re giving them, that’s just a great feeling.”

Sara says that she draws her art designs for her client’s crowns by freehand and it’s something that’ “almost meditative.”
She’s giving a temporary tattoo for one of her clients Lauren Russell while being interviewed and between the two of them, you see the significant of Sara’s art and being the one receiving the art.
“I’m a long term chemo so I’ll be on it for years,” she said. “This is kid of like something I can wear, and not wear, at the same time.”
Lauren also tells us, “It’s almost like when you get a haircut and you leave the salon. You’re really satisfied and you know you look good. It’s that feeling, kind of being pampered.”
The upsides are that the temporary tattoo will last about two weeks and then the women undergoing chemotherapy will get Sara’s services free of cost.
Why is that?
She says that it all has a deep personal place in her heart. “My stepdad had cancer. He was only alive for five months to the day after his diagnosis,” she said. “I felt very helpless during that time when he was sick, so I think the fact that I can use my art to be helpful in some way, it’s important to me to be able to give in that way.”
And Lauren gives an emotional explanation for loving her art on her crown too… “For a little bit, people don’t see that it’s because I’m sick. They see art. And it doesn’t look like just a bald head or any of that. It’s pretty.”
You can check her out on Instagram and you can also get online to make an appointment.
And she does have a message for people who might try this themselves too, she says, For anyone reading this that’s inspired to go have a crown done (or do a crown for someone else) be sure you are using real henna, and not the mass-produced product
s which contain added ingredients that can be very toxic. More info at”