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Sage Northcutt a Katy, Texas local guy and a student with Texas A&M who is studying as a petroleum engineering major is also a mixed martial artists fighting in the light weight division for UFC.
At 20-years old, Sage is the youngest UFC fighter on their rooster and the third youngest debutant around.
He’s now going to be the creator  of the latest Internet challenge around…
Sage told, “I was walking around my house and I decided to just rip an apple apart for fun. And then I thought, ‘Hmm, this is kind of difficult.’ So I made it a challenge.”

I want to see who can Rip some Apples! 

He’s gone viral with his , and it even made it’s way to Model and TV host Chrissy Teigen.

Please someone, I need  to rip open an apple as he says happy birthday to me. It’s all I want 

It didn’t take Sage to respond back to Chrissy’s tweet because next thing we know, he hit that challenge and hit up her back on Twitter. 
And  challenge hasn’t ended yet!
The  has women and men all over ripping and crushing apples online and posting them.
Sage was propositioned by an apple distribution company and Sage even made it on Morning Express with Robin Meade when she covered his new challenge too.
So who’s down for the ?

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