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Over the weekend, a Longwood, Florida disabled 12-year old boy was kicked out of one of Donald Trump’s recent rallies.
Throughout this election, JJ Holmes wanted to attend a Trump rally so that he could express his feelings against Trump.

“I wanted to go because  Donald J. Trump made fun of disabled people,” JJ said in a video statement on Monday on his computer device.
JJ has a severe case of cerebral palsy, but after Trump mocked a reporter with a disability, JJ wanted to attend a Trump rally.
His mom Alison Holmes agreed to take him to a Tampa rally and said that JJ had programmed “Dump Trump” and “Trump mocks the disabled” into her computer device so that he could play it when they got to the rally.
“It wasn’t that loud,” Alison said. “Trump was laughing about how his supporters down out JJ. So my daughters and I started changing.”
That’s when Alison said that the crowd turned on the her kids and her and things got wicked from there.
Trump took it from there saying, “Oh, we have a Hillary Clinton person. Are they paying that person $1,500?” “Get him out, please. Get him out.”
That’s when his supporters started chanting, “USA! USA! USA!”
Trump said, “I must tell you, the Bernie Sanders protesters had much more enthusiasm and spirit than this one. The problem with these Hillary protesters is my people make all the noise… You can’t eve hear the person.”
Than the wicked started… the supporters started to push JJ’s wheelchair and then started telling Alison that she was a “child abuser” and than they started yelling, “grab her P**SY.”
Alison said, “I thought we may get kicked out. I didn’t think they’d start shoving his wheelchair.”
A reporter who was attending the rally heard what happened and that JJ wanted to meet Obama one day… so that reporter contacted Valentina Pereda, Florida press secretary for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Pereda used to be the White House deputy director for Hispanic media and this
Peered took her Facebook and wrote :

“Yesterday, a reporter called me in tears after witnessing a 12-year old living with an extreme case of cerebral palsy get kicked out of a Donald Trump rally. 

He had told his mother that he wanted to stand up for the disability community, so he asked to be taken to a Trump rally. JJ was terrified about what Trump’s America would mean for people like him, so he – unable to vote but possessing the bravery to still make his voice heard – was determined to go and protest. Once there, JJ did a simple, quiet, but defiant act: he held up a Hillary Clinton placard. 

Immediately, the crowd started chanting “USA, USA, USA” (as if this had anything to do with it… or perhaps he was unAmerican for being disabled?), and Trump pointed to security and ordered them to “get them out!”. 

As Secret Service escorted JJ, his mother and two sisters, Trump supporters shouted obscenities and even kicked his wheelchair. 

What kind of nation do we live in?”

By Sunday, Pereda had a plan here JJ would get to meet the POTUS. She also wrote on her Facebook:

“I point to him where in the VIP area JJ is sitting with the hope that when POTUS would work the ropeline, he’d somehow remember JJ’s story and spend two extra seconds with him. 

And with that, I was satisfied with was to be accomplished. A handshake.

Mission Pt. II accomplished.”

The best part was when they surprised JJ with the knowledge that he was going to meet the POTUS and

Pereda said, “At that moment, JJ’s mom tells him he’s going to meet the President. The rest is indescribable… JJ jumps out of his seat and erupts into cheer… his smile almost bursting out of the face. His body overcome by light, when just the day before it almost succumbed to hate.”

JJ’s mom asked him, “Are you happy that you went to the Trump rally?

JJ shouted, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

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