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Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Source: Warren Little / Getty

Yesterday was the second London game for the 2016 season and both

teams missed their chance at winning the game in overtime.

The Washington Redskins’ kicker missed that chance with a 34-foot

field and that left the game’s score with a tie, 27-27.

After his miss, Dustin Hopkins was on the field when one of the

International reporters from Germany went in for a quick after the

game interview… and once again, the PR man Tony Wyllie jumped in.

It was a legit interview when the reporter lead with his question,

“Dustin Hopkins, what went wrong with the kick?”

Dustin didn’t seem bothered by the interview and he started to answer

with, “First off, I’m just disgusted that happened for my guys.”

And just like that you have an erratic PR Tony Wyllie running in and

screaming, “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO INTERVIEWS!” and pushing the reporter

while pulling Dustin Hopkins out of the interview.

Tony Wyllie is the same man who did this to then quarterback, Colt

McCoy back in 2014 during an after game interview. Of course Wyllie

had an excuse for that too… he claimed that the man interviewing

McCoy in 2014, had been told “no”, but he continued with the interview


That’s when he pulled McCoy out of there and the expression on McCoy’s

face was something of surprise and embarrassed all in one.

Yesterday’s incident was a bit awkward, but the German Reporter seemed

to a little stunned too.

We’ll have to see what his excuse for embarrassing himself in London

with an international reporter will be.


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