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The rumor mill is working hard because sources are saying that Texans head coach Bill O’Brien and the starting quarterback Brock Osweiler had a heated exchanged after a routine quarterback meeting.
The NFL fans have witnessed Brock’s overall lack of performance after he signed a nice four-year, $72 million, $40 million guaranteed contract.
And to top that off, the Texans even made Brock their franchise quarterback too.

The heated discussion between the quarterback and his head coach apparently was over Brock’s objection regarding some play-calling decisions by O’Brien.
The quarterback meeting was to review their week 5 loss, one of the weeks O’Brien called the plays for, something O’Brien took over weeks ago.
It has become no secret that the desire to sign free-agent Brock to a big contract came from the guys up top, owners/management. This was a decision made only after Brock was briefly the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.
The numbers crunches are before their game against the Colts, but the Texans have scored just 75 points on offense from the start of the season until week 5.
We know that these numbers are good, but it’s especially not good since the Texans are the second worst in the NFL and giving Osweiler a rating of 70.6, making him 31st in the NFL.
They said that O’Brien holds high expectations for his quarterbacks, coaching them hard too, but is this something that Brock will have to get used to or what?
Remember last season when O’Brien sent former Texans quarterback, Brian Hoyer to the bench after Hoyer played three quarters at the opening game?
Despite their relationship and Hoyer’s actions while on the Texans team, Hoyer is now a starter for Chicago while their original starter quarterback is out injured. They have also ranked Hoyer fourth in the league too.
So where does the issue lay?

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