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Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment

On Sunday, “Family Guy” aired another episode that recreated a celeb bad moment in a typical Peter Griffin spoof.
This time, they creators took the show back in time to the 2014 elevator incident when Solange went ham on her brother-in-law Jay-Z while her sister stood there watching.
Peter starts by telling his wife Lois, “I’ve seen what happens when people hold in their aggression for too long. Don’t forget I was in that elevator with Jay-Z.”

And that’s when the scene shows that typical black and white security footage with the cameras angle looking down at the elevator with no sound… just action.
Peter starts off with saying that he needs to get to the second floor with there business center is so that he can print his boarding pass out.
That’s when he witnesses Solange putting a smackdown on Jay-Z with Beyonce on the sidelines and Peter says, “Oh hey, that’s gonna leave a mark, that’s from a movie.”
And when Solange is picked off of Jay-Z, she starts to kick and Peter tells her, “Hey, don’t kick him muddy shoes, he’s got a white suit on.”
Leave it to Peter to capture that moment.