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Every once in a while, something will pop up on social media that causes a stir. Two week ago it was an Atlanta teacher who was accused of being scantily clad while teaching and now, it’s newlyweds who are being accused of excessive PDA.

Newlyweds Quell and Felicia recently tied the knot, and the husband shared a photo of them with his hand on her behind. Grabbing a chunk of her booty, he captioned the photo with, “I had this crush on this girl that sat behind me in biology 6 years ago, today I married her.”

The image invoked a lot of discussion. While many tweets were in congratulations of their union, others believed him grabbing her behind was demeaning.

One commenter even concluded that he was grabbing his wife like a “harlot”— harsh words for someone who’s intent was to affirm his love.

“More than a discussion on feminism or the sexualization of Black women, the smile on her face tells it all,” says writer Veronica Wells. “There is no part of her expression or her body language that says she was uncomfortable with this, that she didn’t realize he was grabbing her booty. Nothing in her face says that by projecting herself or allowing herself to be projected as a sex object, she was somehow degrading herself or allowing her husband, with one gesture to remove her from the pedestaled position of wife.”

Adding, “So regardless of what anyone else thinks about this, the fact that she was cool with it, should let us know we don’t have to be pressed either.”

At the end of the day: If the wife in the photo doesn’t have a problem with it, maybe we shouldn’t.



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