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Football in motion over grass

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Friday night lights at its best happened last week in Novi, Michigan when the Novi high school’s water boy made his Wildcat’s football debut. Robby Heil’s chance at a touchdown is something that wasn’t going to occur due to he fact that Robby has down syndrome. Robby was given a chance during their game against the South Lyon East high school when the Wildcat’s coach made arrangements with the opposing team’s coach.The news is calling it “an act of compassion and teamwork” and it all happened as a gift for his mom who currently battling cancer. It was a gift, but it was also something Robby will never forget either… Something to make him smile as well with his mom. The coach describes Robby by saying, “He brings that infectious enthusiasm that our kids love. No matter how bad of a day he’s having its a smile from ear to ear.”It was a play that was called especially for Robby, it was a handoff at the forty and Robby ran it in for a touchdown. His mom was watching from the stands and she was surprised and excited, she said, “Me personally, I presently have cancer and this team has just been so instrumental, in helping me get him to practice while I’m at chemo and it really, it takes a village to raise my son . And this village has been really outstanding.”

The crowd was chanting, “We love Robby! We love Robby!” And the reporter asked Robby how it made him feel and he said, “It made me feel happy.” The Novi team ended up winning the game too with 42-14.

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