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My only niece, Alanna, started high school three days ago.

The pictures that my sister, her mom, texted me of Alanna on her way to school brought me to tears. It seemed only hours ago that she was born. I remember everything about the the day the first baby of our family arrived, and I recall how she instantly transformed us all. There she was, so innocent, so beautiful, so completely full of infinite promise.

Nieces are a special, special thing.

HB sisters, I have very sad news. Kasey Daniels, the newest member of our iOne work family, just lost all three of her nieces (aged 7, 4 and 3 months) in a tragic Chicago fire on Tuesday.

To get that morning call from someone you love about her loved ones is horrific. Even as a boss, I was beyond intelligent words. But as a family—because as Black women, that is what we are—when something devastating occurs, we circle together. Even when the tragedy is at a scale beyond comprehension, it’s all we know. This is true of every Black grandmother, mother, sister, daughter and niece I know — we circle.

I am asking you to join me in circling Kasey and her family as they prepare to bury three precious babies. Like my own niece, and yours too, they were so innocent, so beautiful, so completely full of infinite promise.

If your heart and pockets so allow, please read more about the girls and give what you can here.

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