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Nick Diaz

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UFC’s fighter Nick Diaz has been enjoying himself for a least a week in Las Vegas, he’s been in the clubs and in the cabanas at the pool too enjoying himself with friends.
If you haven’t seen his Snapchat stories, then you’re missing out on all that bottle popping, booty shaking time that he’s having over there.

It looks like the fun was briefly interrupted, TMZ is reporting that on Wednesday night during one of his parties at the Hyde nightclub, Diaz was in the middle of a huge brawl.
A club rep says that Diaz went to the restroom around 2:30 a.m. and while walking, he bumped into another man. The man didn’t appreciate being bumped into and definitely did not accept his apology either because he started talking sh** to Diaz.
Diaz reportedly told this man that he didn’t want any trouble, but that wasn’t the end of it because the man and three other men decided to jump Diaz.
Nick was quick to say, “I didn’t start it. They didn’t know who I was,” he wanted it to be known that he wasn’t the bad guy here.
The fight turned into a huge brawl that spilled out into the Bellagio’s casino and onto the floor… after that, chairs were being swung around and the casino staff got involved.
Nick told the casino later that he was cool and that he didn’t want to press any charges and that out of all of them, “They got the worst of it.”