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In December 2015, a 30-year old man made the choice to kill his ex-girlfriend and then take his own life with left their then 6-year old orphaned.
Now, Tyrone Lowe, Jr. is 7-years old and he just received the best treat for a 7-year old, a trip to Disney.
The NYPD’s 49th Precinct is sending the young boy on a trip that he will never get to make with his parents since that December night, Tyrone, Jr. gets to go to Disney World in Florida.
When he entered the Precinct, Tyrone was welcomed by the Disney duo, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and Minnie reach over and gave Tyrone a big hug that lifted that young guy off the ground.
It was later that the two escorted and paraded Tyrone hand in hand down the street that included a gauntlet of cops and a trumpet tune by two officers to give him a the trip and a $5,000 check for “The Tyrone Lowe Scholarship Fund.”
The funds that he was given are from the “49th precinct and NYPD family” and the trip is a week long trip to Disney with his Auntie Annadelle Williams.
They young boy also was wearing a shirt that read, “Commanding Officer Tyrone Lowe” and a NYPD cap.
All the money that was raised was done over an eight month period by the NYPD through social media and collections at a variety of police functions or events.
Capt. Keith Walton, the precinct commander said, “This is a beautiful day. I couldn’t sleep last night, pacing in my house, wondering what I would say, and wondering who this day would turn out.”
He said, “All of that went away when I had the opportunity to meet Tyrone again.”
Tyrone had a little something to say too, he said, “They’re great. They’re awesome. Thank you. I love you. Thank you for all the stuff that you gave to me. I’m so proud of you guys. Can I just say that I love you all?”
And when speaking about Disney, Tyrone said, “I want to go on the slides, I want to see all the characters. I want to see Donald Duck, I want to see Mickey, I want to see Minnie.”

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