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Hey y’all, it’s back, .
That’s right, but if you’re near a 7-Eleven on August 19 & 20, stop in to celebrate the #Slurpee turning 50 years old.
That’s why on Friday and Saturday, 7-Eleven is allowing their customers to bring any size container and pay just $1.50, to celebrate the #Slurpee50 with the .
You’re not totally free, there are a few simple rules to abide by, but other then that, you’re free to participate into :
  • Your cup must fit upright through a 10-inch hole
  • Your cup must be food safe
  • Your cup must be watertight
  • Only one cup per person is allowed
Check out the pictures on their website, it shows us the containers that other people are using for the $1.50 any size cup of Slurpee.
For example, you’ll see a small fish bowl, a plastic popcorn container, a small Igloo cooler, big a** margarita cup, you name it, and it’s probably been used for the special.
Try to top them and be creative, 7-Eleven encourages you to go for it!

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